Real-time OSS


Last decade’s industry evolution paved the way to full-IP communications, removing the direct connection between services and a physical network. Meanwhile, new network virtualization approaches/technologies have been generating a positive thrust in the way telco operators build and operate their network infrastructure and services.

Now is the time for traditional CSPs to re-invent themselves from a business, organizational and technology perspective, to fill the generational gap with OTTs, leveraging new cost optimization opportunities associated with SDN/NFV while building a lean IT able to deal with the real-time and agile needs of the digital world. OSS is strongly affected by this need and plays a unique but key role in this radical transformation.

The Accenture offering defines the reference framework for the OSS evolution and provides the tools to make the transformation happen:

  • WHY: shapes a client’s strategic OSS evolution roadmap based on client priorities and measurable business KPIs such as T2M, CAPEX/OPEX reduction, quality and automation.

  • WHAT: drives the OSS transformation initiatives towards the desired real-time OSS architecture. It enables OSS transformations linked to our overall view of the entire IT blueprint, through multi-speed IT, agility, journey to cloud native, data-driven AI.

  • HOW: Enables the safe leveraging of proprietary solutions along with the emerging and leading-edge technologies (screened, tested, deployed and integrated in Accenture labs) to unleash the potential of the network virtualization trends (SDN/NFV), the flexibility to support innovative services while having the opportunity to optimize network management costs.