Accenture’s services and solutions have helped port operators fight competition and achieve high performance within the industry. We have partnered many global clients to re-design and create flexible, scalable, predictable solutions and capabilities; enabling them to focus on their expertise, ease operating costs and increase efficiencies within different aspects of their organizations. Read more about our capabilities and success stories below.

The Accenture Port Solutions reflects our unique understanding of the challenges that terminal operators and port authorities face, it includes a wide spectrum including consulting, technology and outsourcing services. We invite you to find out more by exploring this site.

Accenture Port Solutions

In this highly competitive and volatile environment, port operators need to continuously innovate and re-engineer their businesses. At the same time they need to create low-cost enterprises that can deliver more attractive offerings for shipping companies.

Port investment and operations will no longer be an “easy business,” and we predict proactive players will turn risks into opportunities to become high-performance businesses.

This video takes a closer look at the five game-changing drivers for the industry, strategies operators can adopt to remain competitive, and suitable approaches for ports in different growth stages.