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Perfect Promotion helps CPG companies improve the effectiveness of trade promotions and gain insights to make continuous business improvements.



Perfect Promotion bundles trade promotion management, optimization and pricing capabilities into an integrated service that runs on proven, repeatable processes and scalable technology to help clients increase trade promotion volume and effectiveness with less investment.

By applying predictive analytics and scenario modeling to target the right consumers, and aggregating data to provide integrated services visibility of trade promotion performance, consumer goods manufacturers gain the insight to make continuous business improvements while unlocking sales potential.

The video gives an insight into how this offering bundles trade promotion management, optimization and pricing capabilities to help companies make continuous business improvements while unlocking sales potential.

Webinar Video


In this webinar, Dr. John L. Stanton, professor of Food Marketing at St. Joseph’s University and board member for several food companies, including the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI), discusses the importance of accurate forecasting in trade promotion.

In addition, Alex Kushnir discusses navigating the complex trade promotion environment to make better investments, bundling trade promotion management optimization, and pricing capabilities into one service that is backed by analytic insights to improve trade promotion effectiveness.

See how Perfect Promotion helps consumer goods companies increase sales by 1-2 percent and margin by 25-500 bps. Read more.

Why Accenture

Perfect Promotion provides a better way to drive sales and improve the bottom line by bundling trade promotion optimization, scenario modeling, price optimization and promotional guardrails, and trade funds management into an integrated service that spans strategy to execution. Perfect Promotion works in a process as a service arrangement where Accenture operates as an extension of the client’s organization. We scale services up or down to accommodate client needs, giving them the flexibility and agility to gain speed to market—powering sales and margins while also lowering the cost of entry.

Accenture has spent decades helping CPG clients with strategic planning, merchandising and category management. Our team of Ph.D. scientists, with the backing of our industry-leading, proprietary trade promotion management and optimization software, provides analytical insights and scenario modeling, giving CPG manufacturers a window into which products to promote, when, where, how, and with which retailers. What’s more, we host our technology on the Cloud, so clients only pay per use. Through Perfect Promotion, we enable end-to-end visibility into performance data, helping clients to drive continuous improvement and make smarter decisions on trade promotion investments.

Specific Services

Perfect Promotion delivers baseline forecasts for all planned customer/product combinations, and then uses analytical models to develop a trade optimization plan. We manage trade promotions by bringing to bear our powerful mix of industry-leading, proprietary software, deep industry and trade promotion process experience, extensive analytic capabilities, and consolidated systems implementation and outsourcing capabilities.

Our service includes these bundled capabilities:

Trade Promotion Optimization. Our Ph.D. level analytic scientists develop predictive models and apply analytic insights to help clients move from insights to action, and ultimately increase ROI and promotion lift.

Scenario Modeling. By applying advanced analytics and predictive models, companies gain insight by which to better target consumers who are most likely to represent incremental revenue growth, pricing and promotion strategies that increase sales and improved margins.

Price Optimization and Promotional Guard Rails. Perfect Promotion delivers insights to help clients review and adjust their promotional policy around where, when, how and at what price a product is promoted to increase revenue while controlling costs and profitability levels.

Trade Funds Management. We automate processes and create efficiencies through the integration of fund management; top-down target allocation including trade spend, volume and revenue; customer trade promotion creation; annual volume planning; processing of claims; and deduction settlement.

Performance Reporting for Continuous Improvement. By integrating trade funds management, trade promotion optimization and pricing optimization processes into an integrated service, Accenture reduces latency in generating reports and provides analysis and actionable insights faster, enabling critical trade promotion decisions in less time.


View our infographic to see just how Perfect Promotion increases promotion efficiencies and effectiveness.


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