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Perfect Product Delivery

Accenture is ushering in a new era of efficient and effective transportation optimization and management.



Accenture Perfect Product Delivery provides value by helping CPG companies to optimize the transportation network, cost-effectively manage transportation flow and routes, and improve customer service while adhering to strict retailer requirements. Accenture’s specialized teams and tools monitor the status of deliveries and manage all associated documentation (import, export, carrier invoices) to complete the comprehensive perspective of the service.

Watch the video to find out how this service helps companies reduce their transportation cost by more than 7.5 percent, reduce transport invoicing discrepancies by more than 20 percent and significantly improve order fill rate.

Why Accenture

Accenture provides deep supply chain and transportation knowledge and experience in the consumer goods industry. We have proven success delivering transportation improvements and savings across the globe for a significant range of clients. Accenture can even facilitate and manage contracts with carriers (including rate negotiations), which ultimately result in improved interaction and increased productivity.

Our clients can see the physical location of trucks, solve delivery challenges, and consolidate pick-ups and deliveries by using real-time analytics that help them gain unprecedented insight. These insights are shared with the help of our highly skilled Ph.D. level talent who have functional work experience and are able to make judgment-based decisions using predictive analytics and scenario modeling. Their knowledge and experience allow us to consistently identify opportunities for our clients to improve planning, routing, invoicing, monitoring and visibility, in real time.

What’s more, our service reduces the set up time and is easily scalable to adjust to changing client needs and marketplace dynamics. Our alliance with JDA allows us to provide the hosted technology with lower cost of entry for the manufacturer.

Specific Services

Accenture Perfect Product Delivery focuses on four core service components working together:

Transportation Optimization. We strive to save our clients’ money by increasing the fill-rate of their trucks while simultaneously reducing the number of miles they are required to travel. We determine the optimum route with special attention to incorporating multi-pick, multi-drop and round-trips, which ensures trucks are operating at maximum capacity at all times. Our delivery model fees are linked to KPIs such as average truck fulfillment rate, number of trips planned and distance covered, in order to measure the success of our transportation optimization.

Track and Trace. This real-time, Web application allows clients to monitor every phase of delivery flow as it happens. Track and trace consistently reports arrival and departure of shipments according to schedule. It also allows changes and adjustments to be made at a moment’s notice, and demands close integration with the customer service front office organization to proactively offer solutions to potential client issues.

Transport Documentation. Auto-invoicing helps ensure accuracy of complex shipping parameters (rates, weight ranges, number of stops, tax and penalties) that invite error in less sophisticated systems. We also support our clients in generating and submitting all the Import/Export Declaration documentation including obtaining approvals from inspecting agencies and managing import customs clearance.

Reporting and KPIs. To gain an accurate understanding of performance, it’s necessary to balance both cost KPIs (e.g. real transportation cost evolution or average number of deliveries consolidated per truck) and service KPIs (e.g. percent of transport incidents managed before the end of the working day). We use both to provide value-added recommendations that ultimately support and improve logistics configuration, carrier sourcing and negotiation to positively impact the bottom line.


This graphic illustrates how Accenture Perfect Product Delivery helps consumer goods companies optimize the transportation network, improve customer service and cost-effectively manage transportation flow and routes.

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