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The new, networked society is driving Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to reconsider the very essence of their business and reposition themselves as the core agents of digital life. They find themselves on the cusp of becoming digital telcos, capturing the promise of the pervasive network -- the increasing ubiquity of connectivity through devices, sensors and the Internet of Things anytime and anywhere. To fully realize this opportunity, however, CSPs must undergo a significant transformation via next-generation platforms and SDN/NFV-powered ecosystems, new consumer-facing services and agile operations.

With an opportunity to reinvent themselves as digital telcos and platform-powered companies, CSPs must actively pursue this deep and transformative change. It requires “connecting the dots” across the organization, aligning digital capabilities, simplifying and innovating operations, technology and strategy.

Accenture helps CSPs power forward in their digital telco journey as they reshape their production model into next-generation platforms, accelerate the delivery of digital services and create real-time operations–all while maintaining existing operations as they rotate to the new.

The Pervasive Network, where connectivity is unobtrusive yet always available, is moving to its next phase of evolution; and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are finding that scaling to new growth is a deliberate and perpetual change journey, not a single transformative event.

Many CSPs are introducing next-generation services to speed up time to market as well as reduce cost. Technologies like 5G, software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and Blockchain are emerging as enablers, with the potential to combine in unpredictable new ways.

As CSPs seek to capture the promise of the Pervasive Network, they need to take advantage of the opportunities made possible by these new technologies, accelerating their current business sustainability while moving to a future-proof position.


Build next-generation platforms

Build next-generation platforms
and SDN/NFV-powered ecosystems with dual-speed IT or new IT powering the latest network. Creating an API-driven environment and multi-vendor open orchestration are key components of the next-generation, fully automated platform with DevOps and agile delivery as key capabilities.

Develop and launch new services

Develop and launch new services
for businesses and consumers that leverage the Internet of Things, advanced analytics, 5G and NFV, including business-to-business and home security, communication and collaboration-based services.


Create and manage real-time operations
that use streamlined, robotic-powered operational processes and AI tools to enable real-time service delivery, self-care and self-fulfillment. We use data as a key competitive differentiator, enabling CSPs to truly enhance the customer experience, a key measure of success for real-time operations. We also help CSPs maintain and migrate legacy IT as well as streamline operations to serve their existing install base while they progress along their multi-year digital telco journey.

Transform the cost base and the customer experience

Transform the cost base and the customer experience

by creating software-defined, programmable and reusable solutions driven by end-to-end orchestration.


As an innovation advisor, you’ll work on the cutting edge of the technology ecosystem while helping to transform companies across industries through digital innovation. Join us and see what your expertise and unique point of view can bring to the table.





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