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Life sciences R&D consulting and strategy services

Life sciences R&D consulting and strategy services help our clients achieve superior R&D performance.


The Accenture R&D Consulting practice is focused on bringing the best thinking and people to help our clients solve their most challenging issues and take advantage of new opportunities. We strive to bring innovative ideas, differentiated assets, capabilities, skills, global scale and the experience to deliver measurable outcomes to help our clients achieve superior R&D performance.

Our consulting focuses on:

  • Defining future R&D operating models and organizational constructs

  • Defining and delivering capabilities that help clients achieve productivity gains

  • Helping our clients to strengthen their R&D pipelines through improved processes for conducting the science and management activities throughout the R&D value chain

  • Defining the appropriate performance measures for R&D and aligning all the operational and strategic elements to deliver improved performance

Why Accenture

Accenture’s life sciences R&D-specific management consulting services are unique because of our:

  • Industry knowledge. Accenture has an extensive understanding of the industry. Our dedicated R&D practice works with 90 percent of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

  • End-to-end R&D capabilities. Our professionals have skills and expertise in discovery, preclinical, clinical, regulatory/safety sciences, pharmacovigilance and medical affairs.

  • Implementation track record. We work as operational strategists with our management consulting clients. As a trusted guide to the industry, we implement the actionable strategies we develop. We understand what it takes to put ideas into action.

  • Global health care industry know-how. Life sciences clients benefit from insights and perspectives from our relationships across the health care ecosystem.

Specific Services

We have successfully partnered with a variety of pharmaceutical companies on a range of management consulting projects across the entire R&D value chain.

R&D strategy and operating model
Accenture helps its clients to: determine the appropriate strategy (mission, vision, objectives, operating principles) for the R&D organization in alignment with corporate priorities, strategy/goals and capabilities, to develop the appropriate R&D operating model (e.g., organization, governance, capabilities) given a well-defined R&D strategy, and to define therapeutic area strategies.

Capability strategy
Accenture employs a proven methodology to assess an R&D organization’s current and target future state of capability maturity (process, technology, organization) along a leading/lagging continuum to identify gaps that will impact business performance and areas for future improvement and investment.

Sourcing strategy
Accenture works with its R&D clients to evaluate a variety of sourcing options (in, out, offshore) for aspects of the operations across the value chain. We help clients make strategic sourcing decisions based on what they determine to be core and non-core to their business as well as to create flexible capacity to meet increases in workload.

Process Reengineering including a Lean Six Sigma focus (where appropriate)
Accenture utilizes assessment and redesign/reengineering methods to achieve measurable business improvement with process cycle time and productivity. We have experience working with Discovery, Preclinical, Clinical and Regulatory organizations and bring to bear our process skills with an appreciation of the role that technology play in enabling and improving R&D processes.

Portfolio Management and Stage-Gate Decision-making
Accenture helps its clients to improve their portfolio and stage-gate decision-making to better align investments and resource usage with R&D priorities. We have define processes, evaluation criteria, prioritization approaches, and tools to enable more robust portfolio and lifecycle progress decision-making.

Business Unit & Functional Operating Model
Accenture works with the R&D functions and cross-functional teams (e.g., Discovery, Pre-clinical, Clinical, Regulatory/Safety, GMA) to redefine organizational structures, roles/ responsibilities, capabilities, processes, tools and metrics to improve operations and to align with the broader R&D strategy and objectives.