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Product & Underwriting

Accenture is helping insurers achieve impressive results by fundamentally changing their cost structures while transforming their operations.


We have assisted many P&C carriers to transform their product development, policy and underwriting functions. Data and software are being used more effectively to enhance underwriting and marketing. Products, services and distribution channels are being shaped to provide a differentiated value proposition.

Accenture has strong alliances with leading policy software providers, including our Premier Platinum alliance partnership with Duck Creek Technologies and our participation in Guidewire's PartnerConnect™ program. We combine these solutions with our insurance knowledge, skills and business services, to help you industrialize your processes and execute your business strategies with rigorous efficiency. And across the enterprise, capabilities are being enhanced and refined.

Why Accenture

Accenture has helped many of the world’s leading carriers transform their product, policy, billing and underwriting functions. Our insurance practice is built on more than 30 years of experience helping insurance companies achieve exceptional results. Nine of the top 10 global P&C insurers work with Accenture to begin or advance their journey to high performance.

We help enable greater certainty of outcomes by selling on the basis of quantified, predictable business value and by sharing risk with our clients. Our pricing and implementation timelines are simple and transparent, and offer a variety of different delivery options to meet our clients’ needs.

Specific Services

Systems Integration:

  • Duck Creek Technologies

    Accenture fosters a cooperative relationship with Duck Creek Technologies that has flourished over the years. Duck Creek Technologies remains Accenture’s preferred insurance software to help clients worldwide transform their businesses. And Accenture, with its proven experience manifested through hundreds of successful implementations for clients of all sizes, prevails as the Premier Platinum Partner of Duck Creek Technologies.

    The Duck Creek Suite comprises billing, claims, policy and rating software that can be delivered on-premise or accessed via the cloud through Duck Creek On-Demand, a differentiated Software as a Service model. Its billing and policy software utilize the latest digital and data technology to provide seamless customer and business interactions from quote to invoice and receivable to renewal.

    • Duck Creek Billing provides off-the-shelf functionality that allows carriers to centralize the management of the back office billing operation. Applying the latest technology, this billing platform enhances customer satisfaction and increases revenue growth by enabling carriers to accelerate deployment of new and changed bill plans, reduce customer call times by using summary data tools, handle high volumes at high speed, and deliver intelligent reporting that incorporates information from across the enterprise.

    • Duck Creek Policy enables carriers to realize new revenue opportunities, increase speed to market, and reduce product development costs. This off-the-shelf policy solution provides the functionality needed to improve customer and agent communication and interactions, streamline processes, support mobile quoting via any channel or device, and meet regulatory compliance with industry-approved, pre-configured ISO, AAIS and NCCI templates.

    Together, Accenture and Duck Creek Technologies deliver an unparalleled software platform that harnesses advanced digital, data and cloud technology to optimize near- and long-term outcomes. Through our partnership, insurers worldwide will have the industry knowledge and insurance software expertise to meet today’s demands and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

  • Guidewire consulting services.
    Accenture is one of the world's most experienced and capable implementation, integration and support services partners for Guidewire’s core operations, data and analytics, and digital engagement solutions. We are a member of the Guidewire PartnerConnect™ global network and a Consulting “Select” alliance partner for Guidewire products.

    Accenture has delivered more than 200,000 hours of Guidewire services to multiple clients around the world, offering P&C insurers unrivalled integration experience as well as an ability to scale our services for regional and global projects. This adds up to an unmatched track record in helping insurers to drive business transformation using Guidewire software.

    We combine Guidewire's advanced insurance technology platform with our industry expertise, industrialized tools, best-practice frameworks and leading systems integration capabilities to enable P&C insurers to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change. We work with insurers not only to maximize the benefits of Guidewire software, but also to drive innovation and enhance the customer experience using the latest analytics, digital marketing, mobile, cloud and social media solutions.

  • Business process outsourcing. Accenture maintains a network of BPO centers with some 4,500 dedicated insurance professionals who provide P&C sales, policy administration and policy processing services in seven countries for more than 55 insurance clients.

  • Application and technology infrastructure outsourcing services are delivered from our network of more than 50 delivery centers across the globe.

  • The Insurance Data Migration Factory has a singular purpose; to efficiently and accurately transfer client and policy information to a new insurance platform. With more than 70 technical and functional areas of specialization, the factory has successfully migrated more than 65 million client policies, across all lines of business.