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Accenture services for generation and energy markets

Accenture’s capabilities and experience help power generators respond to pressing challenges and achieve business and technology objectives.


Over the past decade, changes in customer demands, regulations and industry structures have converged to create a more competitive, commoditized utilities market. To thrive in this new environment, power generation companies must overcome an array of challenges.

Specifically, they need to develop new skills, capabilities and ways of working that will allow them to:

  • Face risk and uncertainty—and seize new business opportunities—with confidence.

  • Identify and satisfy fast-evolving customer and regulatory demands.

  • Optimize their assets and drive operating efficiencies beyond past achievements.

  • Continue to reduce production costs while improving asset availability and safety.

  • Seamlessly incorporate renewable and distributed energy sources into the generation mix.

  • Leverage new technologies in ways that truly drive asset and labor productivity.

Achieving operational excellence amid the challenges of today’s complex utility environment is not easy. It calls for better, more flexible and more sustainable approaches to managing power generation.

To assist power generation companies, we have assembled people skills, assets, software platforms, packaged and protected know-how and software, and business processes to provide clients end-to-end solutions:

  • Accenture Capital Project Services focuses on supporting clients through each phase of a capital project life cycle. Through a set of tools, processes, managed services and technology offerings, we help your company build new organizational capabilities, control project costs, drive supply chain opportunities, improve asset integrity, mitigate construction schedule risk and deliver enhanced asset production efficiency. Services span owner and operator requirements as well as engineering, procurement and construction/ engineering, procurement and construction management collaboration. Learn more.

  • Accenture Asset and Operations Services helps asset-intensive companies improve the productivity and safety of their core operations. We combine extensive industry experience with innovative offerings to help clients transform how they maintain, operate and optimize their plants, wells, refineries, mines, power generation facilities and pipelines. Benefits include reduced cost of maintenance and operations, improved reliability of assets, increased production, and improved safety for their workers. Our tools and services enable digital transformation for workers, assets and operations. Learn more.

  • Accenture Enterprise Services is an innovative, comprehensive and proven approach that helps energy companies accelerate enterprise-wide business value for high performance and lasting competitive advantage. The service links industry-specific, leading-practice processes to preconfigured enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions built on the latest ERP technology and are packaged with complete process documentation and industrialized implementation accelerators. Learn more.

Why Accenture

Our comprehensive capabilities and extensive experience in consulting, systems integration and outsourcing uniquely position us to help your power generation company respond to the most pressing challenges and achieve a full range of business and technology objectives.

Based on our work with utilities around the world, as well as our ongoing research into the characteristics of high-performance businesses, we have compiled more than 2,500 leading practices in utility business process management to create the Accenture High Performance Model for Generation

The Accenture High Performance Utility Model for Generation comprises an integrated set of leading practices to help you:

  • Jumpstart projects

  • Assess your performance against industry leaders

  • Accelerate program delivery

Specific Services

Our services for Generation and Energy Markets are helping organizations imagine, and achieve, sustainable results.

Capital Projects
Accenture Capital Project Services support clients through each phase of a capital project life cycle, including building new organizational capabilities, controlling project costs, driving supply chain opportunities, improving asset integrity, mitigating construction schedule risk and delivering enhanced asset production efficiency. Services span owner and operator requirements as well as engineering, procurement and construction/engineering, procurement and construction management collaboration.

  • Planning
  • Data Strategy
  • Plant Decommissioning
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Management Support

Core Operations
We can help you improve operational performance and reliability of equipment and make better decisions on asset investments. This includes real-time operations, predictive maintenance, integrated asset planning and operation, and collaborative environments.

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Outages
  • Reliability
  • Environmental

Energy Management
We can help you improve your wholesale operations by supporting the increase in value and operating efficiency of generation assets, the integration into wholesale markets and the establishment of wholesale markets.

  • Asset Optimization
  • Utilities Trading & Risk Management
  • Market Integration
  • Market Operations

Enabling Services
We provide services that support plant operational and personnel needs including: IT strategies and services, application outsourcing (AO)/infrastructure outsourcing (IO), warehouse and procurement operations, HR recruiting and learning.

  • GenCo Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Generation Supply Chain
  • Generation Support Services

Wholesale Markets Integration

Accenture's Utility Generation & Energy Markets group focuses on bringing value to utilities through a comprehensive approach to optimizing the wholesale enterprise, both from physical and financial perspectives. 

Drawing on our industry research, deep business process knowledge and systems integration expertise, Accenture assists market operators (regional transmission operators (RTOs)/independent system operators (ISOs), market participants and asset-backed utilities in building the capabilities they need to thrive in wholesale markets. 

As the wholesale energy markets continue to evolve and mature, the market systems that the RTO/ISOs use, as well as the interfacing applications that utilities leverage to operate in the competitive wholesale markets, will become more complex. 

At Accenture, we have helped our clients realize high performance with the following Wholesale Markets Integration capabilities: 

Market Enablement Services—We assist clients in establishing market operations. Our services include providing project management, requirements analysis, detailed design, software development and testing, system integration, production support and training.

RTO Integration Services—We assist companies that are joining RTOs/ISOs and/or making the transition to competitive electricity markets. Our services include process and system design, readiness testing, market trials business simulations, training and communication support and program management. 

Market Systems Application Management—We provide outsourcing of maintenance, development, and testing of client systems, including market settlements and accounting, human resources, information technology management, etc. 

Bulk Power Operations—We work with asset-backed utilities that own generation across various RTO/ISO markets and assist the client from system requirement identification to implementation with a focus on improving straight-through processing across the organization from trading to settlements. 

Portfolio Strategy/Asset Optimization—We assist clients in evaluating options and simulation methods to evaluate decisions that will yield maximum value for an asset base. Some of the options that may be considered include: build vs. buy decisions for new plants or portfolio re-balancing; environmental legislation; fuel supply chain optimization; operational expenditure vs. capital expenditure decisions; and bidding/trading strategies. These options should be stress tested against boom vs. bust economies, regulatory standards (pro-utility vs. anti-utility) and commodity price swings. 

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