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Accenture Field Force Services: Services overview

Accenture Field Force Services helps clients improve efficiency, meet service levels and reduce the cost to serve their customers.


A number of market forces are causing incumbent telecommunications operators to rethink their approach to field force operations. New competitors have made quality of service a market differentiation. Operators recognize that the customer experience in installation and maintenance is critical and that they need to control it. Meanwhile, imperatives to reduce operating expense (OPEX) are moving telcos to pursue a more collaborative approach with service providers, while radically reducing costs.

All these factors are causing telcos to redefine the way they interface with service providers and final customers. Telcos seek to leverage standardization, industrialization and technology to transform their current processes and operations. As key to this transformation, they are looking to adopt a new, integrated operations approach that combines technology, processes and organization—moving from turnkey, end-to-end service contracts to an operator-managed service model.

Accenture Field Force Services provides an intelligent field force orchestration service powered by analytics and workforce management solutions that help telcos more rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively manage their field forces. Accenture can help telcos create an effective field force operating model that addresses the provider’s unique goals and needs, with improved scheduling and dispatch capability and innovative training and support tools for the workforce involved. In addition to providing telcos with fuller control over customer interactions, Accenture Field Force Services can increase visibility into service providers’ operations and performance, while supporting service providers in continuous field force improvements.

Why Accenture

Accenture Field Force Services leverages a distinctive variety of services to help improve efficiency, meet service levels and reduce the cost to serve customers. Accenture capabilities include operational diagnostics, organization and process design, systems deployment and integration, and outsourcing of scheduling, dispatch, and technology enablement for the network service provider field force.

Accenture utilizes a unique, analytics-enabled Field Force Intelligence Engine that can help clients reduce the workload of field technicians due to false dispatch, missing information and other factors, and can minimize unproductive time, including travel and time to repair. In addition, Accenture offers clients a variable value-based model that is directly linked to the number of processed tickets and the amount of benefit received.

Accenture Field Force Services can help clients reduce the costs of field operation, including service activation and service assurance, by maintaining and improving the quality delivered to customers, while removing the cost of “bad quality.” 

Accenture’s distinctive combination of relevant capabilities can help providers generate significant improvements in market differentiation, with benefits that include:

  • More than 5% improvement in upselling and cross-selling

  • From 2% to 5% improvement in service quality

  • Up to 10% improvement in customer loyalty

In addition, Accenture Field Force Services can provide 10% to 15% savings on operating expense (OPEX) for field services. Specific improvements can include:

  • More than 5% savings in dispatching activities

  • Reduction of double visits by 50%

  • Reductions of 20% in installation time for work orders with technical issues

  • Reductions of cancellations by 20%

  • Improvements of 10% to 20% in labor efficiency

  • Reductions of 3% to 5% in administrative expenses

Specific Services

Accenture Field Force Services encompasses a variety of specific services, including:

  • Field Force Transformation. Accenture assists clients in designing a new end-to-end process and operation model for field force services, encompassing back-office transformation, end-to-end performance management driven by analytics, workforce certification and full management support for the transformation.

  • Field Force Orchestration. Accenture addresses end-to-end process workflow, including integration with other support systems and enablement of work automation through mobility. Our solution incorporates automatic triage and testing and drives elimination of manual activities.

  • Dispatch BPO.New 4th-generation business process outsourcing (BPO) includes central dispatching activities, with embedded analytics and continuous improvement, supporting excellence in the customer experience.

  • Together, Accenture’s field force capabilities can help clients utilize their field forces to optimize costs, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.


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