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Network analytics for the communications industry

Accenture Network Analytics is an important tool for communications service providers (CSPs) as they deal with the dynamics of convergence. Learn more.


Network analytics services can be an important tool for communications service providers (CSPs) as they work to deal with the global marketplace dynamic of convergence, in which digital networks and other technology developments are accelerating the blurring of industry lines and expanding the ranks of their competitors. The resulting challenges include increasing data traffic, decreasing revenue per user and users’ growing expectations for service quality.

In the new world of convergence, major investments will be required, both to introduce the enabling technologies needed to manage network expansion and control, and to improve CSPs’ capabilities to appropriately manage service quality.

Network analytics for CSPs can provide invaluable assistance in effectively targeting both types of investment—helping CSPs be more intelligent about where they spend their money, while at the same time, prioritizing service quality issues that may need to be addressed.

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Network analytics tools can provide powerful new ways to help CSPs:

  • Increase CAPEX efficiency and ROI when engineering their networks to better manage the data explosion.

  • Improve service and network operations effectiveness at an affordable cost; obtain broad and deep network and customer data insights; and use a holistic service assurance approach.

  • Enhance quality of experience and network monetization through segmentation-driven network actions and tailored offers.

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Why Accenture

Network analytics from Accenture implements processes and tools for profitable network management, in order to draw conclusions that have a direct impact on operators’ business outcomes. Network analytics for CSPs offer a new way to design, manage and operate future 100 percent data networks, and are a key catalyst to drive successful network engineering and operations transformations.

The network analytics solution from Accenture is a new eTOM / TAM- compliant building block that Accenture brings to the market.

We are able to provide a complete spectrum of capabilities:

  • We have the technical and business domain knowledge required to help translate network analytics insights into actionable outcomes.

  • We have a flexible and scalable network analytics solution that is capable of handling ever-increasing volume, velocities and varieties of data.

  • We have a library of pre-designed service models and tailored procedures for network and service discovery.

  • We couple our network technologies skills with analytics skills to design architecture and use cases; select Big Data technologies, identify significant data sources; and define data models, real-time business rules and network feedback loops.

We are vendor agnostic and flexible

  • We have strong partnerships with key players in the analytics domain.

  • We offer a vendor-agnostic approach, with no vested interest in any particular technology. Accenture evaluates the appropriate solutions for our clients.

Specific Services

Network analytics from Accenture provides one flexible solution for multiple business needs, enabling real-time decisions regarding network investments, service assurance, network policies and premium offerings.

Network Analytics Engineering

  • Forecast traffic with statistical modeling to help improve asset utilization by 5 percent (e.g., average network utilization at peak hours), anticipate network bottlenecks more rapidly and accurately, and enable network expansions to be planned efficiently.

  • Size the network to improve investment efficiency, analyzing all relevant historical network data over a continuous timeline (daily, weekly, by event, and seasonally).

  • Efficiently plan investments in network enhancements, and optimize the commercial value of available bandwidth driven by specific services and applications, with the aim of increasing return on investment by 15 percent.

  • Help achieve Capex agility by reacting rapidly to changing marketing needs and through the ability to adapt new plans, supported by online analysis tools and analytics techniques.

Holistic Service Assurance

  • Diagnose service outages when they occur, hence avoiding wasted effort at the network operations level and for customer claims and customer care engagement, while aiming at a proactive vs. reactive ticket ratio higher than 4:1.

This can be performed by applying heuristics and combinatorial analysis to evaluate the performance of multiple service indicators, as well as the behavior of key network components, in order to determine issues’ root causes.

  • Anticipate and avoid service outages through probable inference and trend analyses; evaluating the behavior of key network components to identify historical trends; and analyzing network, service, customer and contextual information to identify patterns in their combined behavior.

  • Identify resilient configurations that are associated with service performance baselines, using data mining and pattern recognition to avoid set-ups that have proven troublesome.

Network Analytics Control

  • Enhance Quality of Service/Quality of Experience, determining which dynamic fair usage policies to apply in order to manage traffic peaks and boost usage in off-peak areas.

  • Enable upselling and create tailored promotions, mixing customer profile knowledge and network dynamic data with analytics segmentation and forecasting.

  • Match data network posts with pricing bundles to assure customer profitability.

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