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Helping clients run and transform their front, middle and back-office trading operations.


Accenture Trading helps clients run and transform their front, middle and back-office trading operations. We provide buy-side, sell-side and market infrastructure firms with a full-service offering, including systems integration and technology consulting services, to assist in delivering high performance trading and settlement capabilities across all asset classes. This includes strategy, architecture design, operating model work, process improvement, systems building and trading package integration as well as application management, application outsourcing and business process outsourcing.

More than 25 years of experience working in the industry has enabled us to build our services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations that help our clients with their trading projects around the world. Capabilities we leverage for our clients include a powerful alliance network with leading capital markets software vendors, and programs such as the FinTech Innovation Lab that keep Accenture at the forefront of innovation.


Trading Platforms

Accenture offers a comprehensive range of services designed to transform firms’ front, middle and back-office operations, including risk, collateral management and treasury. Clients have access to our deep industry and technical expertise, our strong alliances with Murex, Calypso and Misys, and our custom suite of software designed to better integrate disparate systems and add functionality. In addition to packaged-based solutions, we also have extensive experience developing, implementing and sun setting clients’ custom built systems.


Corporate and Investment Banking Function Transformation

The impact of digital technology has risen to the top of management agendas, and Accenture helps clients move to an integrated digital ecosystem leveraging new technologies, including blockchain/distributed ledger technology and Robotics Process Automation (RPA). But regulation, compliance, capital optimization and cost issues continue to be critical issues for investment banks. We help clients navigate these challenges with services around business restructuring, liquidity and treasury transformation, balance sheet optimization, collateral transformation, derivatives market reform, trade finance and structured lending solutions.

Exchange & Trading Venue Transformation

Accenture helps exchanges and clearing institutions respond to the global challenges of ongoing market consolidation, increasing regulations, and the diversification and innovation of products and services. We help develop IT and business strategies, create trading, clearing and settlement processes, and design custom applications for core trading, risk, market surveillance, market analysis and clearing.

Market Data

Effective data management continues to be a significant challenge to financial services firms. Accenture assists clients with transforming their market data infrastructure to control data costs and reduce risks. We also help firms focus on creating recurring value and developing collaborative and sustainable relationships among market data vendors, IT and business units.


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