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Accenture digital entertainment solution for telecom players

Accenture Digital Entertainment Solution helps telecom players provide an enhanced media experience to their subscribers.


As telecommunications shift from voice to data, industry players have had to make huge infrastructure investments to address the ever-increasing volume of information. Additionally, tight regulations and fierce competition put a great pressure on margins.

Companies can fight commoditization and lock customers in by providing compelling value-added services. But mobilizing resources to innovate and deploy successful value-added services can be a daunting task.

Accenture Digital Entertainment Solution enables telecom players to provide digital entertainment services to their subscribers at scale and in multiple configurations.

Specific Services

Accenture Digital Entertainment Solution has a number of market-leading features that enable telecom players to provide experience on par with major business-to-consumer (B2C) entertainment contenders without entering a commercial partnership.

Its features include:

  • A state-of-the-art user interface that is backed by robust media distribution

  • A seamless supply chain across all content types (games, video, music and books) and devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, box and connected appliance)

  • A flexible pricing model that aligns with a company’s financial constraints and grows with its services

  • Content rationalization and aggregation in a central repository that simplifies the selection of specific content for global or local entertainment services

  • A modular and plug-in-based architecture that allows smooth onboarding of channel partners and centralized content distribution (download and streaming)