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Exchange program with China speeds innovation

China bridge is a global innovation and exchange program from Accenture Open Innovation to introduce and build partnerships between Accenture clients and best-in-class, emerging Chinese enterprise startups. With a strong connection to China‘s innovation ecosystem, we educate and build awareness on the latest technology developments emerging from this high-growth region.

China Bridge leverages our global Accenture innovation from Accenture Labs R&D to pilot projects to help you scale innovation. By focusing on partnership stemming from the latest developments coming out of China, this program helps clients accelerate innovation.

Accenture Open Innovation’s China Bridge Program

Accenture Open Innovation’s China Bridge builds connections to the Chinese technology ecosystem to speed innovation.

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"Our best-in-class China digital safari programs foster innovation and unlock growth opportunities."

— MIKE REDDING, Managing Director – Accenture Ventures

Four large China Safari trips highlight 2019

Accenture recently led major safaris with European-based enterprises to over 50 companies in five Chinese cities. Highlights include:

  • CIIE Summit Retail Safari - Attendees networked with c-level executives from large companies, startups and unicorns, including at a match making event for 200 companies hosted by Accenture and the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province.
  • Transport & Mobility China Safari - Visited leading transportation tech startups in Tencent and DiDi in Shenzhen and reinforced the idea that as AI increasingly disrupts industries, all must strive to make AI accessible, affordable and actionable.
  • Financial Services Safari - Executives learned about innovative digital payment solutions, meeting with 11 companies.
  • Safari 4.0 - Participants learned how relatively unknown Chinese unicorns are creating new business models, adopting changes in production, analyzing the implications to Western companies, and identifying potential Chinese tech partners.

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