What if we could see into the future?

The current economic and health crisis truly is unprecedented. Yet, so is our ability to process real-time data and anticipate change.

Instead of reacting instinctively, business leaders can anchor their decision making in predictive, dynamic data. Accenture Strategy is releasing a series of reports based on analysis of trends arising from the crisis, to help guide leaders as they navigate the recovery.

"Hindsight will always be 20/20. What we need now is foresight―to understand how changes interconnect to define new realities."


Macroeconomic insights

Learn how changing consumer behaviors are reshaping value chains, redistributing US$3 trillion in value.

With trillions of support to come, leaders can maximize the benefits by identifying win-win situations for their company and society.

Responsible business will create new value in the future. The SDGs are our North Star and the time to act is now.

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Through the looking glass

Anchor decision making in predictive data
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The world economic forum industry action groups

Paths to sustainable growth
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