In brief

In brief

  • The Global Semiconductor Alliance and Accenture conducted a joint study on the globality and complexity of the semiconductor ecosystem.
  • The paper explores the interdependencies and benefits of the cross-border partnerships required to produce semiconductors.
  • Global Industry trend analysis and C-suite interviews at global semiconductor companies uncover the top reasons for globality in the semi industry.

The semiconductor industry is a truly global affair. The global expansion of the semiconductor industry over the past two decades is not the result of chance. Rather, the executives we interviewed indicated the semiconductor industry has actively pursued global scale because it benefits not only individual companies, but the industry as a whole—in several important ways.

It’s time for a global standard that sets the ground rules for how the industry works together.

Accenture and the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) identify the many benefits of global scale:

Better products are produced

The ability to take advantage of the best talent, experience and perspectives—enables semiconductor companies to continue to generate advancements.

Critical business needs are sourced globally

Highly technical and specific industry requirements require individuals with deep specializations and expertise to meet its business priorities.

Risk mitigation with sourcing options and qualified suppliers

A global supplier network decreases the risk to a company’s supply chain.

Companies are able to effectively deal with complexity

Money isn’t always the answer to overcoming resource constraints when dealing with complexity.

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Semiconductors have become an essential part of everyday life around the world.

A wide range of emerging technologies (including Artificial Intelligence, Automotive Electronics, Industrial Internet of Things, and Augmented / Virtual Reality) are gaining prominence across industries as more and more companies find new ways to use them to create compelling new products and to transform their businesses.

At the heart of all of these technologies are the chips that make them work. In fact, more than ever, the entire tech world depends on the semiconductor industry to provide the computing power necessary for all these technologies to fulfill their potential. That includes millions of individuals around the world.

Global collaboration is vital to succeed

The semiconductor industry is a global ecosystem in every sense of the word.


Countries involved in direct supply chain


Countries involved in marketing functions

As the world’s economy becomes further dispersed and interconnected during the past two decades, the semiconductor industry remains the paragon of what a truly global supply chain looks like, how it operates and how its players and end customers benefit.

About the Authors

Syed Alam

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Semiconductor, Global Lead

Timothy Chu

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy

Shrikant Lohokare​

​Senior Vice President & Executive Director – Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)​​

Shungo Saito

Director – Program Development, Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)​

McKinley Baker​

Manager – Accenture Strategy​


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