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HfS Research names Accenture the Leader in their Mortgage As-a-Service Blueprint

Positions Accenture as a Mortgage As-a-Service visionary with leading industry assets.


In this Blueprint, Accenture is the leader in both innovation (vertical axis) and execution (horizontal axis). According to HfS, Accenture has a “strong vision for As-a-Service delivery in the mortgage industry and is driving collaborative engagements with clients to bring the vision to life.

HfS stated that the Leaders in this market are making significant investments in future capabilities in automation, technology and borrower experience management to continue to increase the value over time. These Leaders also have “collaborative relationships with clients, and an articulate vision and a “new way of thinking”.

HfS highlighted that Accenture is maintaining its “best in class” reputation among mortgage clients. Clients stated that Accenture was instrumental in redesigning their credit and operational processes, using automation as a key lever. Multiple clients also commended Accenture’s ability to customize deliverables and the ease of doing business together.

Source: © Copyright HfS Research. Source: HfS Blueprint Report: Mortgage As-a-Service. July 2016.



The Mortgage As-a-Service Blueprint for 2016 is an analysis of the business process services and outsourcing market for mortgage. This Blueprint builds on the Mortgage BPO Blueprint report HfS published in 2014, reviewing in more detail the market and service provider adoption of the Eight Ideals of As-a-Service Economy for redefining the value of sourcing engagements.

  • Moving into the As-a-Service Economy means changing the nature and focus of engagement among enterprise buyers, service providers, and advisors.

  • “As-a-Service” unleashes people talent to drive new value through smarter combinations of talent and technology focused on business results beyond cost reduction.

The Blueprint covers market trends direction, as well as analysis of 11 service providers. The HfS Blueprint identifies relevant differentials between service providers across a number of facets under two main categories: innovation and execution.


Reetika Joshi is a Research Director, Operations and Analytics Strategies at HfS Research. In this role Reetika conducts blueprint reports across service areas in global sourcing, tracks verticalized technology-enabled operations, as well as enterprise analytics services and marketing and digital customer experience management services.