Unlocking Agility, Speed and Scale with Enterprise Private Cloud for SAP

The competitive landscape is changing quickly and increasing numbers of organizations are implementing and reaping benefits from cloud-based solutions.


The time to differentiate by increasing agility, performance, and decreasing total cost of ownership is now. The Enterprise Private Cloud solution for SAP, offered from Accenture and Huawei, helps you leverage the cloud for your SAP environments. Above SAP ERP Central Component and Business Warehouse workloads, it also helps you to leverage in-memory analytics, mobility and other latest SAP technologies for these goals.

Why SAP on Cloud?

SAP solutions running in the cloud help facilitate implementations at pace and scale with certainty while remaining cost effective. They also help give you the agility and capability to transform the way IT and business adapts to ever-changing market and business needs preparing for a digital future.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS),Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) solutions—individually and collectively—help companies reduce large capital investments in IT. More significantly, they are playing an increasingly important role in driving top-line growth, which puts SAP, the key to enterprise management, at the heart of business changes for chief financial officers and chief information officers.

Solution Overview

For enterprises and organizations that need flexible and scalable SAP solutions, Huawei and Accenture bring together a robust solution addressing that need.

Whether your business is planning to migrate existing SAP Enterprise Resource Planning systems or implement new systems and modules, Accenture and Huawei can help you accomplish this increased agility, availability, performance with SAP and cloud technologies backed by industry knowhow.

Solution Benefits

Accenture and Huawei can provide you a platform to implement and migrate your SAP ERP Central Component and Business Warehouse environments to a managed, private cloud infrastructure - giving you a simpler, lower cost, higher performing systems and facilitating you to leverage new SAP technologies such as HANA and Fiori.


As SAP’s largest service provider, Accenture offers its Application Services for SAP, consisting of consulting, system integration, migration, application maintenance outsourcing and help desk services. Accenture Advanced Enterprise Solutions for SAP provides a set of industry-specific, pre-configured, leading practice solutions, diagnostics and delivery accelerators, field tested methodologies, templates and assets to streamline and accelerate refresh, migration, and implementation of new capabilities and modules. 

As the global strategic partner with Accenture and SAP, Huawei’s solutions based on SAP serves over 200 clients in 30 countries and regions across mainstream industries such as resources, retail, government, high technology and carriers accumulating vast experience in implementation and operation. As a SAP global technology partner, Huawei has always been on a customer-oriented journey to create excellent value through open cooperation and joint innovation.