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Creating revenue from customer data

Accenture's data monetization framework helps you understand the value of your company's enterprise data to realize revenue opportunities.

Data Monetization

Data Monetization: What’s Your Data Worth?

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Companies are becoming increasingly aware that they are sitting on huge amounts of under-utilized data and looking for ways to increase its value. The conditions for data monetization are ripe: massive volumes of structure and unstructured data; decreasing storage costs; data-driven marketing campaigns that create relevant customer experiences; and improving business intelligence and processes by applying data analytics.

Get a quick overview of how you can tap into the potential of your enterprise data and monetize it, to create new opportunities for revenue and growth, in this into film.

Understand Your Data

Understand your data to see where the value may lie.

Call center logs, data stored as text or social media posts exist in abundance. But unless data is easily accessible in a scalable format, it’s of little use. Ensure your data is structured to allow you to extract relevant, marketable insights.

What's Your Data Worth?

How Do I Know If My Data Has Value?

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Data Framework

Data Strategy

Where Do We Start in Building a Data Monetization Business?

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What's your Data Strategy?

Go to market

What are the Key Investments and Risks in Building a Data Monetization Business?

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Data monetization alliances are gathering momentum.

For example, retailers are collaborating with wireless carriers to gain insights into geo-location data, tracking customer movements at shopping malls or in-store, and using that data to devise targeted marketing campaigns and design loyalty programs based on relevance and frequency. Consider your data and strategy to determine your go-to-market approach.

What’s Your Data Opportunity?

The Potential

Data Monetization: Capturing the Potential of Big Data

In today’s digital landscape data is more readily available and easily gathered, than ever before. With the ability to track most customer interactions and transactions across devices and across channels, companies are looking at, and leveraging, their data in new and innovative ways.

Watch this demo film to understand how you can transform raw enterprise data into actionable insights, and generate new revenue streams.

How Do I Know If My Data Has Value?

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Gain insight into revenue opportunities embedded in enterprise data.

As the volume and variety of data continues to rise, so do the opportunities to find value in it. But to identify data monetization opportunities in an informed and results-driven manner, companies must assess the value of enterprise data, determine how best to maximize its potential and figure out how to get the data to the market efficiently.