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Digital technology is transforming the work experience—and the workforce—making it more democratic, more networked and more human.

Digital is reinventing how people work—how the work is organized, the work people do and the very profile of the workforce that is demanding a fundamentally different human resources (HR) strategy.

Our research shows that 44 percent of high-growth companies now use temporary teams and 86 percent leverage the power of collaboration across employees to achieve high performance. Digital technology is driving the decentralization of talent management as an HR activity—embedding it into the fabric of everyday business.

To help clients transform their HR function for a digital enterprise, we have identified a five-point approach.

For a digital enterprise, data and integration must be at the forefront. HR will need to look and feel more like a consumer experience, customizing talent management for each employee and utilizing cloud computing to enable new flexibility and agility—providing employees more access to information, more control over decision making and their careers.

So how does HR transform to meet the needs and expectations of the workforce of the future? New organizational structures will emerge to help HR professionals collaborate with other business functions. HR will need to behave more like marketing and will play a bigger role in evaluating external technologies and building interfaces between them. Accenture's five-point approach can help clients transform their HR function.


Angela Wallace
Angela Wallace

Managing Director, Products EALA Talent and Organization Lead

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Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell

Managing Director, Products NA HR Transformation

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