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One man’s advice on gender diversity? Listen to women.

By Jeffrey Russell, Senior Managing Director, Products, Accenture Consulting, London

“Bringing together the very best of our teams and our people: high diversity wins, hands down.”

The male point of view on diversity, especially gender diversity, isn't often heard. In this video, I talk about my own definition of diversity and inclusion, my hopes for my daughter, Maggie, and the advice I would give to men wanting to understand more about gender inequities, especially in the workplace.

I have had the privilege of having a strong line of women in my life, from my grandmother Maggie, who lived to 100, to my mother June, who recently passed, to my wife, Martine, with whom I am celebrating 25 years of marriage. Finally, there is my daughter, Maggie, who recently graduated from university and to whom I devote part of this video.

My definition of a progressive workplace is one that ensures we include and bring together the very best of our teams and our people, so high diversity wins, hands down. I think of diversity as encompassing gender, race, point of view, perspective and culture.

For men in the workplace wanting to understand and close the gender gap, I have this advice: What I often find is that men get together with men to talk about issues relating to women. What I would like to say to men out there is to get together with women to talk about issues relating to women. That approach gets to the heart of starting to explore some real opportunities for how we actually make a difference in terms of the diversity of our workplaces and our work environments. That's a great place to start.

On a personal level, the advice I give to my daughter, who I believe will take on and change the world, is clear and optimistic: Know that you're equal in opportunity, you're equal in merit, you're equal in performance, and you're equal in the ability to make a real difference.