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Gender equality must be part of everything we do

By Alastair Blair, Country Managing Director-Ireland, Accenture



When I think about gender equality, I always think back to my parents. They had a huge influence on my life. My father taught me how to work with people, and my mother taught me about the value of education. She was convinced that we should go to co-educational schools because she believed you got a more balanced view of life. That really brought home to us as a family the value of gender equality. 

My mother’s view was that a broad-based education was vital. I see that myself, in my own life, with my own two daughters. They love using technology, but I am beseeching them almost—if I can get them away from technology—to try and understand how the actual technology works, how it was created.

Gender equality is not a female issue alone. It has to be part and parcel of everything we do as men and women every day in leading and growing our business. I am absolutely certain that the diverse nature of our workforce and our leadership is one of the critical factors that have made a difference for us in the last economic downturn. When you take it one step further and think how core gender equality is becoming to us as a country, the future will be bright and hopeful.

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