This Canadian bank had a strategic mandate to evolve its loyalty platform and customer experience. The opportunity also emerged to create a set of guiding principles bridging the divide between business and technology, while designing and delivering a next-generation loyalty and rewards platform and user experience.

Strategy and solution

Accenture conducted a business strategy evaluation to determine the quality of the bank's loyalty program and identify gaps. Following this, we collaborated with the bank in running workshops with the business and technology teams to determine key priorities bridging the business-technology divide.

We delivered a set of guiding principles to evaluate the current technology model and roadmap, then assessed the current model and capabilities against the ideal state and identified gaps and priorities for improvement.


The bank is anticipating significant improvements in its customer loyalty program and the related customer experience, and is looking forward to increased retention rates as a result. In addition, addressing the divide between technology and the business is expected to provide measurable and substantial improvements.

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