Zheng Y.


Zheng Y.


Global Delivery Network (Technology), Senior Manager



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Technology Arch

About Me

What I Do
I went to Japan to work upon graduating from college in Shanghai, then returned to China about ten years later and joined Accenture in 2007. I am mainly responsible for management of outsourcing projects for Japanese customers. Specifically, my Japanese colleagues and I provide services to our Japanese customers in software development and system maintenance.

Day In My Life
Usually I get up at 7 in the morning and go to work by the subway after breakfast. I reach my office at about 8. From 8:15 to 9, I will check email and think about some projects related issues. After 9, I may have to make a long conference call with my Japanese customer, attend an internal meeting on projects, and so on. At noon, I will have lunch with my colleagues and have a relaxing chat. In the afternoon, I will process projects related matters: reading some reports or having a meeting with my boss, etc. I try to be home before 7 pm. In the time from 7 to 10, I will have a dinner with my family, then relax myself with activities like going to a movie with my wife From 10 to bedtime, I will check email and do some personal things.

Outside the Office
I like reading and spending time with my baby.

My Advice
We are attracted to Accenture not only because of good salaries but also because of the various training and other opportunities it offers.