Jennifer M.


Jennifer M.


Financial Services Operating Group, Senior Manager


Hong Kong SAR

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Business Strategy


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

About Me

What I Do
I am from the Financial Services Operating Group and started as a Accenture campus hire in 2001. Over the years, I have participated and managed many diverse projects, from management consulting, change management to system implementation for both Banking and Insurance clients.

I have been asked numerous times what has kept me here. It is simply because I like what I do – which I am sharing with you now:

  • Engage in client situations which are never the same but equally challenging (if not more), while every solution is different

  • Help clients solve their problems which they could not otherwise resolve by themselves

  • Build up trusted, long-lasting client relationships at various levels through our strategic advice and delivery excellence

  • Work closely with globally experienced leadership as well as talented, dedicated teammates towards a common goal

Day In My Life

  • Checking emails (usually on my iphone on the way to work)

  • Setting work priorities for the day

  • Starting work/meeting with customers

  • Having lunch with team members (an excellent opportunity outside work to improve unity and harmony among team members)

  • Working

  • Dinner and Family Time

  • Catch up with work (only when absolutely necessary)

Outside the Office

  • Singing in the choir

  • Massage

  • Family activities

My Advice
With a passion for innovation and an attitude for excellence, you will surely get the most out of your Accenture experience!​