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Geographic - Area Corporate Finance Manager

Job Location: Location Negotiable

Job Number: 00703994


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Geographic - Area Corporate Finance Manager

Support geographic and Area finance leadership in planning and managing Geographic/Area financial performance and the finance and accounting delivery. May also be responsible for planning and managing the geographic and area cost base.

Talent Segment: Finance

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Key Responsibilities


Your role includes some or all of the following key responsibilities. You should review these in conjunction with career level guidelines to gain a clear understanding of the expectations for your role.



·       Drive and manage key financial processes in geography

·       Provide support to the geographic leadership, working closely with Client Portfolio Finance Leads, growth platform finance leads and country controller:

·       Manage the monthly reporting process by reviewing, analyzing and summarizing monthly results from preclose through to final results, identifying critical business issues and appropriate interventions as required.

·       Monitor and analyze pipeline to support leadership in identifying early interventions to shorten sales cycle with higher win rates

·       Provide direct support on matters of finance relating to ad hoc or targeted market leadership programs for driving business growth

·       Prepare financial presentations for geographic leadership and geographic executive meetings and others as needed

·       Direct liaison with HR in managing supply/demand balance

·       Serve as escalation point for any geographic related issues and coordination of geographic level deliverables regarding annual planning and quarterly forecasting

·       Lead, coordinate and drive forward the ongoing process of Finance and Account Delivery “teaming” efforts through fortnightly and monthly meetings as well as one-on-one coaching and mentoring

·       Drive efforts to standardize processes, tools, and reporting needs

·       Geographic Services (GS) Finance Provide finance support to the GS and function leads to manage GS costs effectively

·       Provide strategic advice to the GS and function leads regarding driving down costs and identifying efficiencies

·       Collaborate with finance leads to share best practices with regard to GS function performance by comparing and analyzing efficiency metrics (for example costs as a percentage of net revenues) for each function

·       Manage relationship with offshore service center to maximize finance support to functions on routine activities

·       Bring expertise to meetings about various projects/initiatives that will impact the GS organization, such as processes, economic models, shared services, and data architecture

·       Provide direction and recommendations related to organizational targeting -- an annual process that spans several months, is iterative in nature and requires a solid understanding of the current GS operating results and the risks/opportunities to effectively operate at different cost levels in order to advise leadership as the impact of various target scenarios

·       Evaluate, develop and refine the cost tracking approach for all business practices to measure the success of the Shared Services program. This includes working with the Business Operations Project Team to determine the best way to measure success and share the findings with Accenture Leadership:

·       Review and monitor pre-close results and ensure close is completed accurately by service center. Report high level results to leadership.

·       Review and report monthly results and variance commentary with all functions and a high level summary for the GS Lead and GU FD. Obtain approval for internal controls at quarter end

·       Manage planning and forecasting process including forecast operating cost collection and submission to planning tool, prepare and obtain approval for forecast business commentary

·       Understand key drivers of functions costs and deliver improved business performance and lower costs by identifying opportunities from efficiencies or service level changes

·       Review and report capital expenditure monthly with Technology and Facilities & Services, and provide periodic re-forecast and long range plan for capital expenditure by building or project

·       Manage other annual or semi-annual processes to comply with corporate cycle including required and discretionary service price lists, cost distribution factor (fixed rate) and annual targeting

·       Perform analysis and financial models to support building portfolio reviews including disposal or acquisition

Career Level Expectations


Below are the expectations for all employees in this role. Please note that additional criteria may apply in some countries. If your home country appears in the "Country Specific Information" link at right, please click the country name to view the applicable expectations for this role.



Degree of difficulty of an assignment or the level of problem-solving assessment and resolution required, as indicated by degree of problem-solving, strategic vs. routine focus, and stakeholder interactions (e.g., Executives, Supervisor, etc.)

·       Requires identifying and assessing complex problems for area of responsibility. Creates solutions in situations in which analysis requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors.

·       Requires adherence to strategic direction set by senior management when establishing near-term goals.

·       Interaction is with senior management at a client and/or within Accenture, involving matters that may require acceptance of an alternate approach.


Power to influence or complete assignments independently and ability to make decisions, as indicated by latitude to devise work products or plans, reliance on instruction and decision-making ability

·       Some latitude in decision-making. Acts independently to determine methods and procedures on new assignments

Impact or Decision Impact

Risk or consequences in the event of failure, as indicated by range of expected impact, such as within a team or across a team or area of responsibility and level of risk

·       Decisions have a major day to day impact on area of responsibility


Degree of accountability for assigned tasks, our clients and/or the organization, as indicated by size of work effort and scale of entity and/or program

·       Manages large - medium sized teams and/or work efforts at a client or within Accenture


Leading our people, clients and communities in the New

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Core Values and adhering to our Code of Business Ethics.

It all starts with you—by being your best whole self, you enable a positive environment where you and your colleagues can thrive, grow and perform at their best.

Leadership DNA focuses first on the outcomes that represent a new kind of leader—one who experiments, inspires others, works across boundaries, and adapts to the constant change around us.

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Skills and Proficiency Expectations


Below are the skills and minimum levels of proficiency (or depth of skill) that employees in this role are expected to possess. Adaptations to these criteria apply in some countries.

To see definitions of these skills, download the global
Skills List.

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