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AEE Dalian Finance Time and Expenses Analyst - Level 11

Job Location: Dalian

Regional Description: China

Job Number: 00572190


- Job description

Perform the functions of the Time and Expense responsibilities for countries supported to ensure successful achievement of business and financial goals
Role Expectations
  1. Work within the AEE DALIAN Time and Expenses team to improve performance and address issues
  2. Administrative duties around the management of Accenture Time and Expense
  3. Assist in implementation of operational improvements as required
  4. Participation in training programs
    AEE DALIAN Time and Expenses Scope of Processes
  5. Manage MYTE software to facilitate the collection of Time and Expense reporting for Accenture employees
  6. Management of documentation for expenses submitted by individuals
  7. Generate and follow up on missing expense envelop on a semi-monthly basis
  8. Pre pay audit of expenses identifying and investigating major anomalies
  9. Post pay audit of expenses focusing on compliance and business appropriateness. Compliance focusing on matching of receipts to amounts claimed on expense report; validity of receipts; correct use of exchange rates; etc.  Business appropriateness focusing on those expenses that are not justified per Accenture policy.
  10. Understanding of appropriate statutory provisions for each country in Asia Pacific in relation to time and expense reporting
  11. Collation of policy questions relating to internal Accenture to pass onto appropriate financial accounting policy experts as appropriate
  12. Adhoc presentations and analysis as required.
    Accountable to
  13. AEE DALIAN Time and Expenses Specialist
    Experience/Knowledge Required
  14. PC Skills (Basic to Intermediate Excel, Word and email)
  15. Basic analytical Skills
  16. Interpersonal Skills
  17. Organizational Skills
  18. Mandarin / English – Reading Comprehension
  1. AEE DALIAN时间和费用组的业务操作,改进服务效绩,阐明待解决的问题
  2. 在对内部客户的时间和费用进行操作时,与客户沟通,确定并采用最优方法,确保向客户提供适宜的财务管理及建议
  3. 按要求完成业务操作的改进
  4. 积极参与员工培训
  5. 管理MYTE软件,收集员工的时间和费用报表
  6. 管理员工提交的费用文件
  7. 以半月为周期,管理并跟进未提交的费用信封报告
  8. 核查提前付费,发现并检查所出现的异常。
  9. 报销后费用审核,侧重在业务花费的合理性,发票金额与填报额度是否一致,发票有效性及汇率差率是否正确等。业务花费合
  10. 了解亚太地区每个国家关于时间和费用的申报规定
  11. 分析客户关于埃森哲内部政策的疑问,提交给相应财务会计政策专员解答
  12. 其它随时的业务介绍及分析
  13. 直接隶属于AEE DALIAN时间费用team lead
  14. 学历:财务、会计或相关专业本科学历
  15. 计算机使用能力:能熟练的操作Excel, Word Outlook

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