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Accenture helps companies deliver fast, reliable, and business-relevant results, while at the same time addressing the functional and technical challenges of complex projects with its innovative Delivery Model.

The requirements for software engineering have become increasingly demanding in recent years. Companies are expected to launch new development projects at ever shorter intervals. This often presents a major challenge when it comes to programming software solutions involving new technologies such as cloud computing, big and fast data, machine learning, or artificial intelligence. For such projects, establishing a sound technical basis with new technologies and platforms is crucial. At the same time, relevant business outcomes should be delivered as quickly as possible. These are two goals that are difficult to combine.The solution: Intelligent Engineering for NEW IT.


Direct cooperation between coders and clients – in an iterative, agile process – provides the basis for a targeted implementation of projects.

We start by developing hypotheses and creating the first functional prototype or pilot. Based on the initial findings and a continually updated backlog, the next release cycle begins until the product gradually emerges.

Our team delivers sustainable solutions based on validated blueprints, open source technologies, and cloud environments to help you turn your development projects into reality.

Software Engineering Teams

Our employees are cloud-native, with fresh and creative ideas who enjoy solving challenging problems and implementing sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our teams know exactly which framework and which platform is best-suited to meet specific client requirements as well as the disadvantages and pitfalls of certain technologies – not from theory, but from their own experience and daily experience.

Our employees share a passion for new technologies. For our clients, we put together carefully selected teams of experts with various areas of expertise and skill sets ranging from front end and cloud technologies to big data and machine learning.


Rapid project advancement:
Thanks to the ready availability and many years of expertise of our engineering teams, we “put the pedal to the metal” – right from the start

Independent development:
We use innovative methods that allow us to drive projects forward without being held up by legacy systems

Local availability:
Our teams are with you on-site for meetings, workshops, or demost

Extensive network of experts:
We provide a well-coordinated team of software engineers, architects, and scrum masters to implement your project

Efficient instruments:
Our validated blueprints include ready-to-use technology stacks and DevOps tools

High scalability:
We work in our own development centers – also in your region – and can access the Accenture nearshore network at any time during later project phases


To initialize a project and get to know the key people, our experts work directly at the client site during the first three to four weeks of an engagement. The team then starts work in one of the Intelligent Engineering development centers in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

Approximately every other week we are on-site with the appropriate experts for sprint demos, meetings, or workshops. The team remains in constant contact with the product owner and other stakeholders using modern collaboration tools, such as Jira, Slack, Microsoft teams, and video conferencing.

Our employees use one day a week for personal training or collaboration in open source projects. Nevertheless, the overall team is available each day of the week.


We start with a workshop to understand the problem and discuss initial high-level solutions. Our aim at this stage is to develop a clear understanding of the objectives and a shared vision of what success looks like.
The next step is to create a prototype in order to validate the most important properties of the solution. For this, we can use the blueprints and accelerator kits and adapt them to the project-specific requirements.
Based on the insights gained in previous steps, we create a product backlog of user stories and other requirements. This log contains everything needed to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) or a first “lean release” of the idea. Continuous delivery allows us to quickly transfer changes to test or production environments using a controlled and automated process.

This makes it possible to react to market changes and meet new demands at top speed in order to become a leader on the digital playing field.
We integrate the new solution into the existing IT landscape. This means there is no isolated solution next to existing systems, but instead fully integrated, functional results for your business.

For scaling purposes, we can reserve additional teams in our development centers in the DACH region, or use Accenture’s extensive nearshore delivery center network. In this way, all projects can be easily adapted and scaled to meet the increased requirements.


Nils Müller-Sheffer

Lead Intelligent Engineering for NEW IT @ Accenture

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