In brief

In brief

  • More human-like interactions with technology will create radically new and elegantly simple experiences.
  • Systems will talk, listen, see and understand the way people do, thanks to advances in natural language processing, computer vision, voice recognition, and machine learning.
  • Companies must learn to become skilled at human-centric development processes, an end-to-end ownership culture and early experimentation with commercially-promising technologies.

Here are some of the ways today’s leaders can start reimagining personalized experiences around their customers’ and employees’ true needs.

Radically Human Systems

Accenture's Radically human systems can talk, listen and see just like we do for future systems. See more.

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Practical steps

Radically human systems are already upending decades of conventional thinking about the way humans and machines interact. Elegant and simple user experiences and “invisible” human-machine interfaces are now the frontline of competitive differentiation. It means tomorrow’s advantage will go to those who design systems that adjust to people—not those who continue to expect people to adjust to systems.

Step 1

Achieve mastery in human-centric development. Leading companies are putting humans at the center of their design processes. They recognize that data and technology alone can’t solve every problem. The best user experience design comes down to empathy—truly understanding the needs of the people using the system.

Step 2

Break down organizational and cultural barriers. Companies should be scrutinizing whether their organizational or cultural boundaries are hindering the speed and accountability needed for developing radically human systems. They should also assess their products, services, and business models holistically, embedding an end-to-end ownership culture from initial idea all the way through to user experience.

Step 3

Don’t wait to experiment with emerging technologies. Early experimentation and hands-on experience are the best ways to start socializing and imagining the commercial possibilities of technologies like AI, extended reality, and voice recognition as they mature.

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Radically human systems combine leading-edge technology and human-centric design to create tomorrow’s advantage.

Bhaskar Ghosh

Group Chief Executive – Accenture Technology Services

Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer – Accenture


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