In brief

In brief

  • An IT workforce tied to the technologies of yesterday is one of the biggest obstacles to future success.
  • Organizations must reimagine IT talent strategies for the next era of human–machine collaboration, including renaissance system engineers who understand business.

Steps to build future systems

The single most important investment an organization can make to support boundaryless, adaptable, radically human systems? Their talent.


By 2020, more than a third of the desired skillsets of most jobs will be comprised of skills not yet considered crucial today.

Our Future Systems report describes five key steps for building a future-ready IT workforce:

Step 1

Define the new organizational model and key roles, evaluating individual tasks not just jobs.

Step 2

Describe the skills and competencies needed for the new organization, including those best performed by machines.

Step 3

Assess the skills of the existing workforce and identify gaps.

Step 4

Explore dynamic approaches and new channels for sourcing talent, using crowdsourcing and machine resources where appropriate.

Step 5

Prioritize the skills to be developed, reskilling and retooling the existing workforce using collaborative learning.

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Be in the optimal position to build thriving systems in a world of constant change by building your future talent.

Bhaskar Ghosh

Group Chief Executive – Accenture Technology Services

Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer – Accenture


Boundaryless systems
Adaptable systems
Boundaryless systems
Radically human systems

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