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Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) enables organizations to create real-time centralized profiles of their customers, based on aggregated data from multiple sources. AEP builds upon the traditional functionality of a Real-time Customer Data Platform (RT-CDP) while also applying data science and machine learning to deliver consistent interactions at scale, across several orchestration layers in your marketing stack. AEP can leverage existing data sources such as behavioural, transactional, financial or operational information to enhance existing decisioning & CRM technologies to drive business outcomes.

Outcomes and insights through AEP include: Providing consistent data governance, managing data on one platform, building real-time profiles, building advanced segments, and activating audiences across profiles.

Take a moment to download the presentation, learn more and see various use cases to unleash the power of Adobe Experience Platform. Accenture Interactive is recognised as a leading, award-winning implementation partner for Adobe services. We have the capability required for our clients to get the most out of Adobe Experience Platform.

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Divya Isaiah

Experience Optimisation Manager – Accenture Interactive

Rachna Sundaram

Lead – Adobe Business Group, Europe


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