In brief

In brief

  • To scale innovation, companies need systems that seamlessly adapt to business and technology change.
  • Advances in trusted data and intelligent technologies power systems that learn and improve by themselves, and help people take confident action.
  • Companies can eliminate the greatest points of business friction with flexible architectures; new ways to protect and nurture data; and responsible AI.

Practical steps

Flexible “living” architectures, combined with new and responsible approaches to data and AI, allow organizations to eliminate their greatest points of business friction.

Our Future Systems report sets out ways leaders can put the building blocks of adaptable systems in place—and scale innovation with collaborative partnerships between humans and machines.

Step 1

Stage an architectural intervention. Companies must let go of old ways of working to create architectures that can constantly flex and adapt to changing requirements.

Step 2

Identify the biggest friction points in your business. Technologies like AI, blockchain, and microservices can help solve your biggest business challenges through adaptive capabilities.

Step 3

Understand the need for responsible AI. Adaptive systems must gain the trust and confidence of the people they work with and for.

Step 4

Let data be your captain. Good data yields confidence in adaptable systems. Companies must start with quality data and apply a data-centric approach to their most important business decisions.

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Adaptable systems empower people to thrive in the face of changing requirements and environments.

Bhaskar Ghosh

Group Chief Executive – Accenture Technology Services

Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer – Accenture


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