In brief

In brief

  • Most organizations are getting better at preventing direct cyberattacks.
  • Even so, attackers have moved on to indirect targets—such as third parties in the supply chain—and costs are becoming unsustainable.
  • But within Software and Platforms, there are leaders who scale, train and collaborate more to secure technology innovation.
  • The Third Annual State of Cyber Resilience shows how leaders take a different approach to achieve higher performance.

Where are we now?

Cyberattacks are commonplace. They can have a massive impact on organizations, as well as their customers, partners, employees and the bottom line. Many S&P organizations are finding it hard to reconcile the level of their cybersecurity innovation investments with the cyber resilience outcomes for their business. Even worse, choosing the wrong strategy to invest in cybersecurity technologies can cost the organization far more than wasted cash; it can damage an organization’s brand, reputation, and future prosperity.

We found:

1. Investment in security innovation is growing

89% of the Software and Platforms companies are spending more than 20% of cybersecurity budgets on advanced technologies.

2. Basic security hygiene is better

27% reduction in the average number of security breaches; with direct attacks down 11% Globally.

3. Security success masks hidden threats

Only 60% of the business ecosystem is protected by the cybersecurity program; 43% of breaches come via this route.

4. Security cost rises are unsustainable

69% agree staying ahead of attackers is a constant battle and the cost is unsustainable.

5. Security investments are failing

35% of organizations had more than 500,000 customer records exposed in the last year.

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Leaders are more cyber resilient

Our research finds that some organizations achieve significantly better results from their cybersecurity technology investments. They seem to have cracked the secret code behind making security work that sets them apart from the rest. These cybersecurity leaders are bucking the trend, outperforming non-leaders in four key ways:

4x better at stopping attacks

3.8% attacks breach security compared with 11.2% for Software and Platforms companies.

4x better at finding breaches faster

88% detect breaches in less than one day compared with 35% for Software and Platforms companies.

3x better at fixing breaches faster

96% of breaches fixed in 15 days or less compared with 54% for Software and Platforms companies.

2x better at reducing breach impact

58% of breaches have no impact on business compared with 36% for Software and Platforms companies.

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Innovate for cyber resilience

The cyber-resilient business brings together the capabilities of cybersecurity, business continuity and enterprise resilience.

Discover what leaders do differently to get the best results from their cybersecurity technology investments and ultimately achieve higher performance.

Steve Curtis

Global Managing Director – Accenture Security

Ganesh Devarajan

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Global Application Security Lead

Emil Gullers

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Europe


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