In brief

In brief

  • Three technology trends that have the greatest influence on the industry as it reconfigures itself to deliver better patient and economic outcomes.
  • The importance of ensuring the validity of data as it becomes ubiquitous and shared.
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become your new co-worker.

The life sciences industry is undergoing seismic changes as it shifts from a product to an outcome orientation and embraces all forms of exciting new science, ranging from digital therapeutics to gene therapy. Data is more available than ever before—and companies are starting to connect disparate data sets and develop more personalized treatments based on real-world evidence. Healthcare is attracting significant investment from global tech giants, like Amazon, Google and Apple, who are looking to disrupt traditional care models and change our understanding of wellness—leveraging AI, analytics, blockchain and other emerging technologies in the process.

As the healthcare landscape changes, organizations must develop a collaborative mindset—there is no going at this alone anymore. By embracing multiple data sources and developing partnerships in the technology space, companies can advance treatment and play a leading role in delivering better outcomes for patients and the healthcare system.

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Our 2018 Accenture Technology Vision for Life Sciences focuses on three of the five trends identified in the cross-industry report that have the greatest near-term influence on the industry as it reconfigures itself to deliver better patient and economic outcomes.

Data Veracity

Enterprises must secure and validate a growing number of data sources to ensure quality and operational effectiveness while addressing areas where gaps exist.

Frictionless Business

To fully power the external technology-based partnerships they depend on for growth, healthcare organizations must re-architect internal legacy systems and embrace emerging technologies.

Citizen AI

Life sciences companies should prioritize training AI to operate as a responsible member of the team to accelerate product development and innovation in patient care.

About the Authors

Geoff Schmidt

Managing Director – Life Sciences Technology

Anne O'Riordan

Senior Managing Director – Life Sciences

Gro Blindheim

Managing Director – Life Sciences

Brags Srinivasan

​Managing Director – Life Sciences Technology


Tech vision 2018 – Intelligent enterprise unleashed

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