As we move into the 21st century, it becomes increasingly obvious that individual citizens, corporations, cities and governments – all of society – needs to do things differently to ensure a sustainable future.

Accenture is committed to collaborate with its clients to help them refine their business models and operating models, towards a more responsible and impactful business.

Mobility is a field of work particularly sensitive to this notion of responsible and impactful business. A responsible mobility solution will ensure emissions are limited and that natural resources are scarcely leveraged. Additionally, an impactful mobility solution will take active measures to be inclusive for the poorest or the most impaired citizens.

Frugal Mobility

A frugal mobility solution is defined by a better mobility experience using fewer resources. The experience is improved because it is a more inclusive, safer and more secure experience that is faster and more comfortable. In addition, it uses less resources, such as natural resources, capital immobilization, financial resources, or even technical knowledge: ultimately frugal mobility ensures that the best solution should be easy to operate and easy to maintain and repair.  

Emerging trends 

During the last year, we’ve looked at emerging trends and found that while frugal mobility is a relevant framework for both urban mobility and countryside, cities are increasingly turning to more frugal mobility solutions and becoming a test bed of solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. 

We also found that while some trends appeared localized a year ago, they are now starting to expand globally. Electrical scooters are a perfect example – Lime was deployed in San Francisco in early 2018 but unknown in Paris. Today, Paris has the highest density of scooters in the world and at least half a dozen brands are competing on the sidewalk of the city. And as this trend has gone from a weak signal to a widespread service, discussions on regulation (or safety risk mitigations) of these micro mobility vehicles are increasing and might become the next big thing on the mobility agenda of 2019.

Frugal mobility is a compass to ensure we, collectively and collaboratively, address one of the most basic human needs in a way that is sustainable, responsible and impactful.

Movin’On 2019

During the Movin'On Summit 2019, the world’s leading summit on sustainable mobility, we shared the following findings:

  • A Frugal Mobility City Index, measuring the magnitude with which cities are embracing and implementing frugal mobility solutions on their territory, co-developed with a dozen cities across France, India, Cambodia, Niger, the US and Canada. This index brings interesting comparisons between cities and helps them navigate towards orientations to improve the overall frugality of their mobility systems.
  • A Frugal Mobility Observatory, listing the relevant and potentially replicable frugal solutions observed across the world, that can serve as a source of inspiration for any entrepreneur or any city across the world. Our ambition is also for this observatory to be able to look back every 12 months and produce a summary of the trends observed in the world of frugal mobility.

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