In today's turbulent times, aerospace and defense companies are contending with myriad challenges. They include insurgent competitors to breakneck technological change and geopolitical instability. That is why many in the industry are working tirelessly to come up with new and innovative ways to serve the needs of their customers, ecosystem, and workforce, at high-value touchpoints or those "moments that matter."

New IT—big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) including machine or deep learning, blockchain, 3D printing, and robotics—can help companies manage supply chain complexity, accelerate responsiveness, and speed time to market for those "moments that matter." An aerospace and defense supply chain reinvented with new IT can becomes a next-generation supply chain: smart, connected, living and agile.

40% of Chief Supply Chain Officers in the aerospace and defense industry, lack a clear, value driven business strategy for IT.

Leadership, Labor and Legacy Systems

Chief Supply Chain Officers need to work with the C-suite to resolve three core challenges and forge a new strategic partnership with unprecedented value-driving potential.


To build a new and productive working relationship with the business, align with business strategy, and turn the supply chain into a competitive differentiator, Chief Supply Chain Officers need to inspire conviction in the C-suite, and particularly with those executives responsible for long-term digital investment: the CFO and the COO.


Chief Supply Chain Officers need to build a workforce that embraces core, part-time and on-demand supply chain workers, and AI/Robotics—all working together to drive productivity at speed. Supply chain executives can leverage their C-suite connections to secure support for a reskilling strategy founded on continuous learning.

Legacy Systems

Driving agility by digitally decoupling legacy systems is a lot less resource intensive and more impactful than spending on new, more compatible systems. Supply chain executives can start this process by decoupling data from their legacy IT systems, replicating it and moving it, in real time, to cloud-based data “lakes” that are accessible to customers.

By targeting their investments in these new technologies and working in close collaboration with C-suite leadership, especially the Chief Finance Officer and Chief Operating Office, supply chain executives can help shape the digitally reinvented enterprises of the future. The time to start driving the disruption of their own function is now.

John Schmidt

Senior Managing Director – Aerospace & Defense, Global

Marc Gelle

Senior Managing Director – Aerospace & Defense, Europe


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