In brief

In brief

  • A culture shift is occurring in the C-suite.
  • C-level business leaders now need to up their digital fluency to be able to plan future architecture investments.
  • Important questions are coming fast regarding how their ERPs will take them into the next decade.

Taking full advantage of what digital technologies have to offer requires new ways of looking at the existing technology estate, including the foundational ERPs, which are quickly aging out. Digital fluency is no longer just for the IT Department.

Those in the C-Suite who are digitally fluent can gain distinct competitive advantage by evolving to intelligent enterprises to drive efficiencies and profitability and bring new sources of growth to their organization.

C-suite leaders can help their companies become intelligent enterprises with a flexible, adaptive value chain, enhanced by humans plus machines, and seamlessly accessing the best capabilities from anywhere, they can drive top and bottom-line growth.

Are your core systems up to the digital challenge?

C-suite leaders face important questions around what will take them into the next decade of operations:

How much should be invested in new technologies?

What value will come from a new, foundational ERP?

How will these investments help run the business better?

Do I have the right IT and enterprise strategies?

How can I navigate all this complexity and so do quickly?

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Beginning the journey

Today, effective technology is the business differentiator—creating capacity for creative thinking and insights on what will deliver predictable results.

We see a culture change at the C-level where business leaders now need to dive into the technology maelstrom to understand past architecture decisions, examine current business conditions, and plan future architecture investments.

The CIO transitions to a coach and an educator across C-suite peers, shaking off the order-taker and executor mantle from yesteryear.

Shyam Thyagaraj

Managing Director – Accenture Technology Advisory


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