How will CSPs keep up with the pace of change in the telecom market?

Accenture’s CMT Team, starting with Global Communications and Media Industry Lead, George Nazi, outline the positive steps telcos and CSPs can take to ready their product and services in both B2B and B2C markets for the next wave of innovation applications, from 5G implementation and beyond.

How CSPs Can Manage Pace of Network Disruption

George Nazi, Global Lead Communications & Media

New Rules For Telecoms Industry Growth

Francesco Venturini, Global Sales Lead Communications, Media and Technology

Maximizing Value Creation from Innovation

Omar Abbosh, CEO Communications Media Technology

Highlights from the Bloomberg CEO Forum

Thought Leaders on New Growth: The B2B Opportunity for CSPs

About the Authors

George Nazi

Global Lead – Communications and Media

Manny Mehta

Lead – Communications Industry, North America

​​​​​Matteo Maga

Lead – Communications & Media, Africa & APAC

Anders Lindblad

Lead – Communications & Media, Europe


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The Telecom Workforce: Trust and Disruption

The rules have changed

The industry is being squeezed from all sides. Top-line growth is stalling. Revenues have levelled off. Customers are finding new ways to engage digitally and digital disruptors are undermining the traditional base of services.

Shift and disruption of value

The commoditized core business isn’t profitable and there’s ongoing substitution with low cost, digital alternatives.

Changing rules of the game

Market boundaries are collapsing and traditional approaches to growth are no longer sufficient. Historic positions of strength are eroding.

The liquid customer is here

Ongoing reduction of customer loyalty. Incumbency is no longer an advantage—CSPs are not an essential part of the users’ daily digital routine.

The telco playbook is outdated

Infrastructure-bound, with vertical integration & siloed operating models. CSPs have unscalable operating & technology models and legacy workforces.

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Change the game

Scaling new growth is a deliberate and perpetual change journey, not a single event

  1. Transform the core business by building more competitive cost structures to improve flexibility, increase profits, and drive up investment capacity.
  2. Grow the core business by redirecting some of that investment capacity to drive incremental growth in the core business, including setting up for customer omni-channel strategies.
  3. Scale new business while identifying new sustainable business models which leverage and monetize key control points and scale them (at the risk of core business cannibalization).
  4. Pivot wisely by keeping an eye on pace and balance. The “core” and “new” businesses usually need to co-exist for a substantial period of time.
The S-Curve to manage transformation.

New models for B2B and B2C growth

Success demands a departure from today’s models and competencies if CSPs are to scale new growth models. In the long term, we see there being two key growth scenarios for CSPS. Each scenario needs distinctively different skills and capabilities, as well as divergent investment priorities and value creation logic.

Connected industry orchestrator

Building the B2B business by connecting industry X.0 with secure, reliable & smart connectivity.

  • Driven by open APIs and digital network management & operations capabilities, specialized network clouds/value added services supported by real-time AI.
  • Consolidated, network as a service. Hyper-lean operating model.
  • Outcome-based connectivity monetization.

Multi-sided platform model

Maximum reach in B2C via an ecosystem of partners, customers and developers.

  • Monetization of CSP control points & AI-powered creation of offerings to drive customer value.
  • Focus on data & ecosystem services around Home, Mobility & Enterprise to command a digital service market revenue share.
  • Turn customer access & insight into tradeable assets.

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