The future development of the communications industry will need a renewed focus on security. For example, 5G will require advanced thinking about security as providers extend their networks to include additional IoT devices.

As orchestrators across the value chain, CSPs have a key role to play in securing devices operating in the rapidly expanding IoT world that 5G will drive.

Today’s ecosystem-dependent business world amplifies the impact of cyberattacks: incidents that cripple one enterprise can grow rapidly and expand to threaten a company’s partners, industry, and beyond.

While communications companies find rich opportunity in working with others, they are simultaneously extending, and absorbing, the risk and vulnerabilities of their partners.

Threat actors see ecosystems as an ever-widening attack surface, while most businesses still look at cybersecurity as strictly an individual effort.


of communications executives report that they know their partners are working as diligently as they are to be compliant and resilient to security.

To respond to this dichotomy, organizations must include growing ecosystem dependencies as part of their own security posture and make security a cardinal component of how they build partnerships.

Security beyond borders

The first step is reframing the understanding of the threats and the risk they pose.

  • 71% of IT & business executives felt that cyberattacks were a “black box” and did not know how they would affect the organization.
  • If leaders can’t assess the impact of on their own organization, how will they understand the risk to their ecosystem partners?

New ecosystems, new threat models

Communications leaders can better understand the risk they and partners face by expanding their approach to threat modeling.

  • Threat modeling across an entire ecosystem will help expose & understand immediate enterprise & ecosystem risk.
  • Making sure that leaders across the business in many different roles are aware of potential risks is essential.

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George Nazi

Senior Managing Director – Global Communications & Media Industry Lead

Adriano Poloni

Managing Director – Communications and Media


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