Communications businesses have not been going through their digital transformations alone.

Today’s workers are equipped and empowered by technology, incorporating it to perform existing tasks in new, post digital roles. The workforce is becoming “human+”: each individual is empowered by their skillsets and knowledge, plus a new, constantly growing set of capabilities made possible through technology.

As the line between employees and the technology they use blurs, a new divide is emerging. The workforce is evolving at a rapid pace, incorporating new technology-driven abilities and skills to deliver value for the company—while the enterprise itself is still optimized for the workforce of the past.


of communications executives agree their employees are more digitally mature than their organization, resulting in a workforce “waiting” for the organization to catch up.

Talent-finding and knowledge management strategies are out of sync with the capabilities of human+ workers, and investments in learning and reskilling are far short of where they need to be for the high rate of employee transitions to different roles or companies.

The bottom line for communications companies? Adapt the technology strategies that successfully created this new workforce to empower them even further.

Need for new skills

CSPs must focus on the new skills they need to support operations in the post-digital era.

  • Developing new products will require the development of new skills, as well as looking to the wider ecosystem for opportunities to collaborate.
  • CSPs should consider the IT skills their organizations will need to drive their digital transformation journeys.

New skills, new metrics

CSPs must invest in their workforces through learning and reskilling strategies that prepare employees for changing roles.

  • Measuring employee performance in this new human+ model will also change.
  • Metrics, expectations, and incentives for employees will need to reflect how well they are partnering with technology to achieve new outcomes.

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Through AI, extended reality (XR) and sentiment analysis, communications companies can propel their workforce forward, blazing a trail for the company’s continued growth.

George Nazi

Senior Managing Director – Global Communications & Media Industry Lead

Adriano Poloni

Managing Director – Communications and Media


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