As the world moves into the post-digital era, communications companies are beginning to build new products and services that shift the one-off, transactional exchanges between businesses and consumers to an ongoing, customized relationship.

The technologies people choose to use are now so integrated into their lives that they have become a part of consumers’ identities, and communications leaders are using those identities to create a new generation of offerings.

Technology identities are part of an emerging enterprise feedback loop, one that first began to show its potential with the personalization efforts of the digital era. Through digital technologies, communications companies gained new, direct touchpoints with customers. They used the resulting “snapshots” of insight into customer needs and goals to deliver personalized products and services, which, in turn, gave them even more insight into their customers. Now, that technology-driven feedback loop is about to kick into overdrive.


of communications IT and business executives believe that digital demographics give their organization a new way to identify market opportunities for unmet customer needs.

CSPs are moving beyond personalized products to individualized experiences, creating a one-to-one relationship with each customer where technology plays the starring and ever-present role.

Partnering with each customer

If CSPs leverage data effectively, they will be able to own the customer relationship by providing experiences that are meaningful for each customer.

The legacy challenge

Some leaders are already pivoting to new platforms that can support more nimble and agile digital delivery.

The trust advantage

Trust offers an opportunity for CSPs to differentiate their offerings, particularly against digital natives, when building out holistic digital identity platforms.

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George Nazi

Senior Managing Director – Global Communications & Media Industry Lead

Adriano Poloni

Managing Director – Communications and Media


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