Each year Accenture's cross-industry Technology Vision research identifies five emerging trends that will transform how we work and live. In these Perspectives videos, Accenture leaders Alan McIntyre and Kelley Conway share their views on how these trends will impact the banking industry in the next three years.

Banking Technology Vision 2018

Accenture Global Banking lead, Alan McIntyre shares his views on the 2018 Technology Vision trends and how they will impact the banking industry. See more.

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"Banks have been used to operating in a pretty tightly controlled environment, and that is something that is clearly beginning to change as the industry becomes more open."

– ALAN MCINTYRE, Senior Managing Director - Banking

Accenture clients benefit from the first look at all the latest technology trends and leading insights to help move their business to the head of the pack. As rising rates push banks to adjust their business models and find new paths to profitability, our team can help with experienced advice you can trust and innovative solutions your customers want.

Kelle​y Conway

Managing Director – Technology Consulting, Financial Services


The brave new world of Open Banking

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