Breathing new life into procurement

The complexity and dynamism of today’s healthcare industry makes business agility a critical component of any successful growth strategy.

For one medical technology leader, however, the legacy procurement model was making it increasingly difficult to keep pace with fast-changing business needs.

Supporting around 2,000 requesters in 45 countries buying from over 10,000 different suppliers was proving a major organizational challenge. Processes were overly complex, fragmented and lacked the responsiveness needed to support a modern business.

The company’s leadership recognized they had to rethink procure-to-pay operations from the ground up.

Strategy and solution

SynOps: The formula for next-level intelligent operations

Leveraging SynOps for Procurement to create a more agile organization—this medtech leader was able to streamline and standardize processes and deploy critical capabilities across the business.

Better buyer experiences

An Accenture-helmed procurement help desk and portal ensures buyers get what they need through the right purchasing channels.

Next-level data quality

Leveraging the Radix PTP platform to ensure requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices are complete, accurate, matched, and correctly classified.

Resolving invoice mismatch

Investigates and resolves invoices that fail to line up with related purchase orders to ensure the company only pays what it should.

Efficient spot buying

Hyper-efficient bid processes relieve business buyers from the need to source suppliers for ad-hoc purchases—and ensure they get the best price.

Intelligent operations

Analytics tools, contract repositories, and procurement workflows provide accurate and detailed visibility into spend.

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Blockbuster Procure-to-Pay performance

This medical technology leader has created a scalable and agile procurement model able to respond to fast-evolving business needs without missing a beat.

It’s a new standard for intelligent global procurement, offering next-level operational performance that can scale across the business on demand—and support this growing company as it confidently charts a path to ever-better outcomes for patients all around the world.


$117 million worth of invoice mismatches resolved to prevent overpayment.


Over 133,000 shopping carts checked to ensure compliance with buying policies.


37,000 help desk tickets resolved getting buyers what they need.

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