Webshops, much like floral arrangements, can be delicate: one faulty order or misplaced orchid is all it takes to keep a customer from returning. So, when an opportunity sprouted up for Dutch Flower Group (DFG) to fortify their online channel’s technical capabilities, they acted quickly.

Housing 33 specialized trading companies including six floral wholesale brands, DFG is a global leader in the floriculture industry. On any given week, DFG could have some 75 million flowers, 10 million bouquets and 10 million plants in circulation across the globe.

The challenge was clear: finding a solid e-commerce platform to handle this sheer volume of new products and prices on a daily basis. On top of this, DFG wanted to continue providing an exceptional customer experience — one that was both personalized and allowed floral wholesale companies to maintain, customize and control their brand identity in the individual websites and assortments for their customers.

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"The biggest challenge in this project was to connect six individual DFG companies with their own customer focus, their own identity, to one solution and to put the customer first."

— Peter van Os, Digital Sales – Dutch Flower Group

What Accenture did

Working with Accenture, DFG kicked things off by leveraging design thinking and agile delivery methods, like user research and story mapping, to determine how the ideal customer journey would look as they peruse and purchase flowers online. Together Accenture and DFG developed a minimal viable product (MVP) based on the latest SAP Commerce Cloud Version 2.

To see what it would look like in action, the MVP was rolled out to early customers who provided feedback on the functionalities that were most important to them. This provided DFG with the insights they needed to improve upon their e-commerce platform, enabling more personalization, transparency and efficiency.

Armed with insights, Accenture and DFG designed and launched a flexible product model that automates the process of creating products and allocates the procured lots to those products based on the attributes of both flowers and plants. This allowed DFG to manage personalized assortments as well as provide relevant product recommendations for all their customers at scale.

People and culture

The SAP-based platform not only solved DFG’s technical shortcomings but opened new doors for both the customers and organization alike. For instance, SAP’s built-in omnichannel storefront enables customers to buy flowers via their mobile phone, tablet or a computer and gives DFG the ability to customize content and provide an enhanced user experience.

However, the real secret to the success was the collaboration amongst the two teams. Accenture worked closely with DFG in rolling out the new platform, training employees so that they could also instruct others on how to sell their new features. What’s more, a new digital team has sprouted up at DFG, ensuring the company is continuously innovating and expanding their digital capabilities.

Value delivered

DFG has set a new benchmark in the floriculture industry thanks to their new webshop, one of the first implementations of the latest SAP-based e-commerce platform.

Customers can easily navigate through all different product categories that show them a personalized and wide variety of fresh flowers and plants. On top of that, the direct customers of DFG can simply open a branded white label web shop for their own customers, manage the available assortment and set the correct price margins. On top of the improved functionalities for customers, the six floral wholesale companies can seamlessly manage their nineteen web shops using one platform.

The new solution frees up time for employees to build lasting relationship with their customers as the digital team continues to bolster their online presence. Now, DFG has the ability to scale their operations and do so in a way where intelligence and automation is at the heart of the customer experience. How’s that for digital blossoming?


There are 75 million flowers in circulation across the globe every week.


Six floral wholesale companies, each with their own customer focus and brand identity, leverage one integrated solution.


Customers from more than 100 countries are now perusing flowers and plants online.

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