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Career opportunities for women

Learn more about the career opportunities for women at Accenture


We firmly believe that mixed teams and the employment and promotion of women are decisive for the success of our enterprise. For us, equality is not a question but an essential part of the answer: we rely on mixed teams – on all project and management levels.

Your life, your job, your decision!

We believe in a culture that thrives on diversity and the variety of ideas, a culture in which everyone can grow individually as we promote personal strengths. Equality does not arise by itself. At Accenture, we have made sure to create some basic conditions for its growth. Women appreciate the unique culture and their diverse development opportunities at our company. And of course they actively help shape them.

Learn about our commitment to gender equality and how our people are bringing it to life.

About us

A unique culture which helps to connect professional, private, and family

At Accenture you can discover what it means to work for a company that understands and shapes the digital world – smart, mobile, and globally connected. We work together with our customers in many innovative projects, making new technologies usable, changing business models with digital solutions, fostering growth, and creating lasting value. This results in exciting fields of activity where innovations are developed and actually implemented.

When are you joining the Accenture team?

With efficiency and increasing demands in mind, we focus on finding projects and areas of application that open doors to career needs and take into account specific life situations. 

  • At Accenture, we drive rethinking forward in a targeted manner: diversity management and working on unconscious bias are an integral part of our management and team training sessions that are specifically tailored to some extent to women. With tangible examples and networking we don’t just show what is possible for women at Accenture and who has made it – we also show you how and provide support at every step, personally, face to face. 

  • Our group-wide women’s networks and women’s mentoring program (Accenture Women Initiative, Parental Leavers Network) will help you find your way into the team and to establish strong connections, so you can follow your own path at Accenture.

  • Individual career coaching and leadership development are also part of the activities such as the provision of specific educational and training opportunities (i.e. self-marketing, communication style) and the program for the reintegration of those returning from parental leave (for men as well, naturally). To date, more than 800 women have participated in our Accenture "Developing High-Performing Women". 
These are just some of the reasons why more than 180,000 women (40 percent of the team) chose Accenture to further develop their potential – on a professional and personal level – to the fullest. 

Perhaps you too will soon be part of Accenture – a part of us. We’re looking forward to it!


Women at Accenture

  • Today, more than 180,000 women work at Accenture worldwide – 42 percent of the workforce.

  • By 2017, we want to increase the number of newcomers with Accenture to 40 percent.

The best setting for diversity

  • a Global Diversity Council

  • regional Personnel and Diversity Managers

  • individual career coaching and leadership development

  • educational and training opportunities (i.e. self-marketing, communication style)

  • an internal mentoring program for women

  • Accenture Women Initiative – our global women’s network

  • Accenture Parental Leavers Network

Outside the company

  • Networking with regional and national women initiatives

  • Cross company trainings and workshops on gender- and diversity topics

The success of our commitment is borne out by the awards we have won:

  • Since 2003, Accenture has been among the Working Mother 100 Best Companies, a list compiled by Working Mother Magazine

  • Top Company for Gender Equity Award 2013

  • On the HRC Corporate Equality Index (CEI) Accenture scored 100 points out of 100 – a perfect score – six times in a row

  • Accenture took second place at the European Diversity Awards

Getting to Equal 2018

Moving into high gear to close the gender pay gap

The struggle to ensure equal pay for men and women is not just the responsibility of the political establishment and of society. Women can also take steps to close the pay gap.

If a woman earns USD 100, her male colleague earns a global average of USD 140, which is 40 percent more. This gap is even greater in Germany, as documented in the recent Accenture study ‟Getting to Equal 2017”. A comparison of the ‟simple pay gap” ranks Germany in the top third of the 24 nations surveyed, and the discrepancy at 60 percent. Even more striking is the ‟hidden pay gap”, which shows that 74.5 percent of German women are gainfully employed but often in part-time jobs. Taking this factor into account results in an even greater pay difference.

Women taking action

Companies, governments and women themselves must all take action. Women can do their part to close the gender pay gap by pursuing a strategy that involves three key elements:

  • Digital Fluency – increasing the use of digital technologies to network with others and share ideas, further their education or work online

  • Career Strategy – strengthening the focus on career goals, making informed decisions, and proactively advancing their careers

  • Tech Immersion – enhancing the ability to acquire digital and technological skills at least as quickly as men so that they are well-equipped to play an active role in the exciting megatrends of tomorrow

Implementing these three career equalizers to the same degree would boost income by up to 70 percent, allowing us to significantly reduce the gender pay gap in Germany by 2030.

Here at Accenture, we are working intensely to ensure that women and men have equal representation in our organization, equal career opportunities, and equal chances to achieve leadership roles in our enterprise. Our ‟FE&MALE Growth” initiative has attracted the participation of women and men in our diverse, gender-balanced workforce. Networking meetings for working parents, mentoring programs, and ‟unconscious bias” training sessions are available to all employees regardless of gender, and are in some cases compulsory.

To learn more, please read our study ‟Getting to Equal 2017”, which was prepared for you by our international staff. Let’s work together to ensure equality for all men and women everywhere.


Role Models

The assignment abroad was a huge experience – it advanced my career and was enriching for the whole family.

One thing I have learned at Accenture, however: it is possible and important to take charge of your own career-planning assertively instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. Many women do a good job and think that it has already been noticed by their boss. A miscalculation. Men love to talk about themselves and their achievements; I have copied this. It helps tremendously to draw attention to yourself, but subtly.

A special opportunity for me was to go to India for two years and to get our colleagues in our offshore delivery centers in shape for cooperation with Western clients and teams in Germany, Austria,and Switzerland – both culturally and professionally. My husband and my children were enthusiastic about this adventure. Thanks to their curiosity and a sophisticated support system I was able to work full time for a few months in a very exotic environment. My third child was even born in India.

What impressed me was how little complaining there was and how much they grasped when it came to improving skills and performance. Today, back home, I direct the Solution Architecting for System Integration in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and – conversely – I get the local teams in shape for cooperation with India – culturally and technically. The experience abroad and this can-do attitude have changed me and my view of the world for good.

Leah Blessin, 38, business economist specializing in business computer science, Managing Director at Accenture

When I joined Accenture, out of 23 new colleagues only three were women. Today we are at 40 percent – and there is no reason why this proportion won’t increase in the future. I have personally never experienced not being taken seriously by clients or colleagues. On the contrary, I often have the feeling that it is advantageous to work in an industry where there are fewer women. As a Solutions Architect and Consultant, I can also bring my stakeholder, change management, technical, and leadership abilities to bear in male-dominated environments.

I think constantly discovering new topics and learning from them is great.

Yvonne Niedling, 29, IT specialist and business economist (FH), Senior Analyst at Accenture

There isn’t really a typical day at Accenture. Sometimes I have meetings from the morning until the evening, sometimes I sit at my laptop for several hours analyzing system codes.

Sometimes you go to workshops, training, and system demonstrations. Sometimes you work on a project – and sometimes you have the chance, as I did recently, to deal with a new technology and develop practical applications intensively for several months at an Accenture Innovation Center.

For me right now it is all about SAP HANA, a database technology that makes it possible to search large amounts of data efficiently. My focus is on Business Intelligence tools, i.e. reporting and information systems based on SAP HANA. I analyze how well they can be integrated and how well they use the features offered by SAP HANA.

After a period in which I was deeply involved in functional activities, the Innovation Center offered me the chance to become more technically oriented again – and to lay new foundations for future project work. I was enthusiastic from the beginning and am now looking forward to using the new skills in customer projects. As an IT specialist in a male-dominated field, I have experienced that Accenture acts very fair with an emphasis on equality.

Corporate Citizenship

More than a job

At Accenture it’s not just about doing a job. It’s also about taking on responsibility.

Accenture is supporting people through numerous CSR programs, for example as partner of the Elea Foundation, the YES Young Enterprise Switzerland, or as Pro-Bono-Partner of Ashoka and the initiative Tischlein Deck Dich.

We engage and support our employees to get involved in these projects.

Learn more about Corporate Citizenship at Accenture.

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