Managing the pace of network disruption

George Nazi outlines the positive steps telcos and CSPs can take to ready their product and services in both B2B and B2C markets.

CSPs Can Manage the Pace of Network Disruption

Accenture's interview focuses on the positive steps telcos and CSPs can take their products and services for the next wave of innovation applications. See more.

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5G. Think big. Accelerate to get ahead.

5G will fundamentally transform mobile tech and what it means for all of us. CSPs must get ready now for the coming 5G revolution.

Accenture 5G Acceleration Services provides companies with a framework and powerful analytics tools to help drive investment in all the right places. We help you define your 5G vision…and then accelerate its journey to reality. Read more.

Are You Ready for the 5G Revolution

Accenture's video shares how the 5G revolution will unleash an exciting new world of possibilities for businesses, the economy and society. See more.

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