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The future of commerce has arrived: Understanding the Asian consumer

Explore the consumer trends from our 2016 Digital Commerce research and meet the new Asian Consumer.


Empowered by digital technologies, consumer behaviours across Asia are evolving rapidly. Busy, connected and with more choice than ever before, the new Asian consumer expects a seamless path to purchase, with shopping experiences that save time and make life easier. These new expectations are shaping a dynamic new marketplace and creating huge opportunities for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies – provided they can meet the demands of these new consumers.

The opportunity is now

Consumer Research Survey – Geographic Findings

As a regional marketplace, Asia’s an enormously attractive proposition. Crucially, it’s affluent and becoming more so. Eighty-five percent of predicted growth in the middle-class worldwide will come from Asia. Accenture and IPSOS carried out research into the region's consumers in November 2015, tracking their e-commerce preferences, pain-points, and motivations.