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In brief

In brief

  • Digital transformation offers enterprises a whole new world of possibilities. However, the expectations are also immense.
  • Today, virtually all companies are investing in digital technologies, making USPs increasingly hard to find.
  • To stand out from the competition, you need to know and use five trends that define our ‘post-digital’ future.

How will the post-digital age look?

Accenture Technology Vision 2019 shows that companies are now innovating faster than ever before. 94 percent of the over 6,600 decision-makers surveyed in the business and IT sectors worldwide responded that the rate of technological innovation is higher or even much higher than three years earlier.

Three years ago, digital technologies were still a competitive advantage, but that is a thing of the past now. What happens after digitization? What will the post-digital age look like? What ground rules will it have?

One thing is clear: customers, employees and business partners expect more than ever. They have been brought up that way. After all, enterprises themselves have taken mass individualization to extremes. First, customers had two versions of a product to choose from, then ten and later 100. That gave companies the illusion that they could fulfil every wish – no matter how customized it may be. Now, they have to deliver to avoid disappointing their customers.

Tech Vision 2019: Overview

Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer in Accenture talks about the Accenture Technology Vision for 2019. See more.

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Focusing on the future

The next disruptive wave is already gathering force. What do we have to adapt to? Accenture Technology Vision gives early answers and helpful tips for ensuring that companies remain successful.

When it comes to the post-digital age, German-speaking countries lag behind the global average. However, there are still opportunities for innovation – you just have to take them. In the German-speaking world, Switzerland is currently the most advanced.

The trends at a glance

These five technology trends form the basis of the post-digital age.

Breakthrough with DARQ: Understanding disruptive technologies
Technological innovations are often the basis for new business opportunities. The next generation of innovations are already on the way: DARQ. It stands for distributed ledger technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, extended realities (virtual and augmented) and quantum computing. These technologies will let us re-invent entire industries.

Understanding customers: Turn more knowledge into more business
Today, consumers rely on technology to interact with companies. That creates real ‘technological identities’ that can be used commercially. These identities contain a wealth of knowledge that helps companies understand every single customer better. That creates a basis for individual brand experiences in the post-digital age.

Employees2: Change the workplace or hinder the workforce
Work is evolving: Today, employees can contribute more of their abilities and knowledge and gain an ever-wider range of expertise, which technology makes possible in the first place. Businesses paved the way for this with their IT strategies. Now they have to adapt their organizational models to the changing working environment of the post-digital age.

Security as a shared responsibility: Mastering risks in the ecosystem
More and more companies are collaborating in business ecosystems. They use the closer ties between them to produce outstanding products and services together. However, this form of networking does more than create opportunities: Every business partner can also become a risk. Leading companies are particularly aware that security has to be their top priority today.

From moments to markets: Meet customer requirements instantly
Today, products and services can be highly personalized or provided immediately on demand. Companies have to change their processes – fundamentally in some cases – to identify these opportunities and utilize them in the first place. Businesses have to see each individual business opportunity at every moment as its own market: a momentary market.

About the research

Year after year, the Technology Vision team joins forces with Accenture Research to track down key developments in IT.

Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer – Accenture


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