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In Brief

In Brief

  • In the post-digital world, every moment is a potential business opportunity.
  • Direct digital access to customers and powerful analysis tools take personalization strategies to the next level.
  • Businesses can deliver their products and services on-demand with new back-end technologies.

Today, enterprises have a direct digital channel to their customers. That gives them a better understanding of the actual and potential markets. Using sophisticated IT systems, they can adapt their business to new circumstances extremely rapidly. As a result, companies can deliver new products and services developed not merely for a single customer – but for that customer’s needs in a given moment. They are serving momentary markets.

71 %

of survey respondents in Switzerland believe that the new mobile standard 5G will revolutionize their industry, as it enables increasingly personalized and faster services.

Some companies specialize in custom products. Others focus on making their products available as quickly as possible – ideally immediately. Many combine both approaches. 74 percent of companies in German-speaking companies see this combination of personalization and on-demand delivery as the next big competitive advantage. In the US and Japan, the corresponding figures are 86 percent and even 96 percent respectively. That could mean that the European economy has some catching up to do.

Tech Vision 2019: MyMarkets

Trend 5 des Tech Vision-Berichts 2019 lautet „MyMarkets“: Digitale Technologie bedeutet, dass Unternehmen nicht mehr nur Märkte erobern können. Mehr sehen.

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Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer – Accenture


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