What It Is

An approach that uses advanced technologies to reinvent products and services from design and engineering to manufacturing and support, accelerating operational efficiency and enterprise-wide growth.

Why It Matters

Only 13 percent of businesses have realized the full impact of their digital investments, enabling them to achieve cost savings and create growth. The optimal mix of technologies could save large companies up to $16 billion.

Where It's Going

The traditional value chain will pivot toward hyper-personalized experiences, products and services driven by innovative business models that result in new sources of revenue.

Smart Products and Experiences

How intelligent technologies deliver connected products and services for customers and a hyper-personalized experience for a digital workforce

Innovation decoded

Our podcast series breaks down the innovations transforming the way we live and work, helping businesses thrive in an increasingly intelligent world.

Tag, you’re safe

Why tagging your workforce could save money and lives

Charging into the new

Smart digital services from Schneider Electric

Smart Design, Manufacturing and Support

Redefining engineering, product lifecycle management, digital manufacturing and predictive maintenance to increase time to market

Dritter Jahresbericht zur Cyber-Resilienz

Unser dritter Jahresbericht über den Stand der Cyber-Resilienz beschreibt die sich verändernde Cyber-Bedrohung und wie darauf reagiert werden kann.

Manufacturing ecosystems

The new economy requires a strategy where partners have a greater role in innovation, production and distribution.

Smart Technology and Platforms 

How advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, connected hardware and embedded software enable smart platforms and systems

Combine and conquer

Unlocking the power of digital

Connected refinery

Five key trends from the digital refining survey

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