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Trend study: Add value with innovations

What’s the situation in German-speaking countries? This study answers this question based on a survey of more than 250 participants from four industries. One of the survey’s findings is that for 82 percent of the survey respondents, innovation mainly means upgrading their existing products and services. That’s not enough. Today’s companies need to take a strategic approach to innovation and create a corporate culture where the leadership and the organization as a whole truly support a daring new direction for their business. You can download the full study here.

The main findings

Innovation now means more than just improving products or rolling out new technologies. New processes and business models are needed. How is this implemented in the real world?


of companies primarily want to improve their existing products and services with innovations. Just one third of the respondents are focusing on changes to management and organizational units.


of the people surveyed view turning new ideas into measurable added value for businesses as a major challenge.


view artificial intelligence as the key technology for driving innovation.

Co-creation: Innovating together

Digitization means more than leaner processes and lower costs. Today’s companies need to be more innovative than ever before. But how can you turn simple ideas into sustainable innovations? How do we create scalable products and services that will surprise competitors and impress customers? We use these questions to draw up tailored concepts and strategies with you. Following a needs-based approach, we call in experts from universities, associations and research institutes. And we use our alliances, startups and technology partnerships to perfect the ecosystem.

Innovation bei Accenture

Sigrid, unser Innovation Lead, erklärt die Accenture Innovationsarchitektur und wie wir darüber Innovationen gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden zum Leben erwecken.

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We support you throughout your entire innovation process to ensure that good ideas add lasting value instead of fizzling out.

How we work

Many companies are constantly creating innovative ideas. But why do they rarely turn into tangible outcomes? The answer is that they lack the processes needed to turn ideas into finished solutions. That’s why we transition initial ideas to sustainable results in three clear phases.

1 – Transfer

What needs to be transformed? Where can we transfer proven experience to new business segments? These two questions have to be answered first.

2 – Scale

Which innovations have market potential? We identify growth areas and expand them specifically with expedient investments.

3 – Impact

The final goal is to establish the innovation on the market and generate sustainable business from it.

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Innovation architecture: From the idea to scaling

You can’t change the market with a new business model on your own. Together with our own experts and a whole ecosystem of forward thinkers, we get your ideas on the right track. And finally, we ready them for launch.


300 researchers from 20 countries analyze trends and deliver market insights. We develop ideas specifically based on this in-depth information.

Future camps

In a creative atmosphere, we re-invent your business model and rapidly develop prototypes. Our team includes developers, consultants and designers.


New ideas come when the best minds from a variety of fields work together. We connect you with startups and accelerators that can help you make progress.


In over 30 studios worldwide, CX experts, pros from creative agencies and technology consultants work on prototypes and innovative solutions with you.

Innovation center

Experience Industry X.0 here: Let cutting-edge technologies inspire your innovation projects.

Delivery center

We set innovative solutions in motion for you: from new technologies to processes, all from a single source.

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What decision-makers think

Top managers from German companies face a variety of innovation challenges. We develop tailored solutions for the main problem areas:

How are you re-inventing your entire company?

New technologies are now developing at lightning speed, but don’t reveal their true potential until they are combined. Industry X.0 not only lets you re-invent your products and services with these advanced technologies, but your entire company: from design and engineering to manufacturing.

How do you fulfill your customers’ expectations?

Living businesses are constantly growing because they can adapt to continuously changing customer wants. That makes them more relevant than any of their competitors. Find out how we can help you make the transition to become a living business.

How are you shaping the future of work?

Employees today need a whole new skillset. To harness the potential of intelligent technologies, they also have to commit to life-long learning. At the same time, their expectations of work are changing. Can your HR strategy keep pace with change and win the war for talent? We help you prepare your team and organization for innovation.
More about Future Workforce

How do you connect technologies and people?

Conventional IT infrastructures are no longer enough to promote innovation in your company. As a result, new systems are needed to fill the gaps: gaps within companies, gaps between you and your business partners and gaps in human-machine collaboration.
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How cybersecure is your enterprise?

Trust is the main currency in the digital economy. Every innovation, every digital product, and every smart service needs a foundation built on security. However, data scandals are shaking the very foundations of this trust—with fatal consequences. Act now: We can support you in your transition to a resilient digital business.
More about Cyber Resilience

What does AI offer businesses?

How can you make your business faster, more precise and productive than ever before with AI? Accenture’s approach helps you overhaul your existing structures and workflows and maximize new opportunities at an early stage.
More about Applied Intelligence

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Get the essentials

Executives know the problem: If they stick with their existing business, their company is at risk. However, if they add a new twist to their strategy, they inevitably face resistance from within. Some companies succeed. What do they do differently?

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How digital pioneers invest in the future



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Ready for the innovation revolution

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